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WinNTSetup v5.3.4


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Hi bovirus,

The current Italian language file should be Lang\1040.dll.
To get current englisch template, right-click on title "create language file"

They can be edited with ResHacker.

As for the Tabs I think their meaning is understandable and there is not enough space to mention all version correctly.

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I already edited the 1040.dll with reshacker and I can post it here.

But one string is untranslated. Please check my previous screenshot.

And in the future if you will add new string have a I revised teh .dll from scratch?



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21 hours ago, JFX said:

- cmdline VHD-CREATE and VHD-ATTACH return errorlevel for driveletter

Thanks a lots for this very useful feature....AFAIU we will use this feature in command line as follows -

"%wpath%\WinNTSetup%pp%.exe" VHD-CREATE -file:"%FREEDRIVE%\WIMBOOT\Win10x64-WB.vhd" -size:15GB -type:expandable -label:"Win10x64-WB"
set e=%errorlevel%
call set VHD_DRIVE=%%ALPHABET:~%e%,1%%
if "%VHD_DRIVE%"=="" echo ERROR!
if "%VHD_DRIVE%"=="_" echo ERROR!
echo Win10x64-WB.vhd is mounted as %VHD_DRIVE%
"%wpath%\WinNTSetup%pp%.exe" NT6 -source:"%isopath%" -wimindex:"2" -syspart:%SYSPART% -tempdrive:%VHD_DRIVE% -unattend:"%XML%" -drivers:"%E2BDRIVE%\SVBus" -Sysletter:C -RunAfter:"COPY_VHD_WIMBOOT_FILES.cmd %E2BDRIVE% %VHD_DRIVE% %OSPART%" -setup -reboot -testSigning

Is this correct use of this feature ? Any better IDEA please ?

When we use WinNTSetup tool then- syspart: is automatically detected and assigned. Is there any way in WinNTSetup command line so that we can also get -syspart: as any variable/errorlevel ?


I use following command to Capture Win10x64-WB.vhd to Win10x64-WB.wim in WIMBOOT mode.

wimlib-imagex.exe capture %VHD_DRIVE% C:\WIMBOOT\W10x64-WB.wim    --config=%E2BDRIVE%\VHD_WIMBOOT\WimBootCompress-2019-03-31.ini --include-integrity  --wimboot  --compress=LZX --threads=4

What exactly WinNTSetup command I should use that will be equivalent to following wimlib-images apply command in WIMBOOT mode ?

wimlib-imagex.exe apply C:\WIMBOOT\W10x64-WB.wim %VHD_DRIVE% --wimboot

@JFX @jaclaz Can anybody please help regarding this issue ?

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Italian language update.

- Additional task
Please check the string not translated (check previous screenshot)

use teh space available to change tab name to "Windows 2000/XP - Server 2003" "Windows Vista/7/8/10 - Server 2008/2012"



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I make a long job about translation files.

I updated the Italian language with string missing.

To do that I added in Italian language with Resource Tuner the sections 88/89 in String table

For all languages I made a check and when are not available all required sections (63-89 + 807) in Language table I created empty sections.

In this way I enabled ny translator with tool like Reshacker to add missing translations.

I changed in Korean language the language code from NEUTRAL to KOREAN (language code = 1042).

I checked that in German language there is a dialog resource not available in other languages. Is it right? What the matter?

I attached to the post the archive with all .dll language files updated.

Please use for next release.



Edited by bovirus
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I have a proposal of small changes about UI to have for me better appearence.

Please check the screenshot.

I aligned text box box on the left (enleged on teh left) with left margin alignet vertically with left margin of big buttons.

I aligned the text on the right of big button (on the left) centered vs. the button posiition.



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This space is reserved for warning icon, for example if you select a Arm64 source.

As for the dialog in German language file, it's more personal taste. I prefer Segoe UI font.



Edited by JFX
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What do you think about job of alignment/fixes of language external files (.dll)?

This kind of dialog (RAMDISK info) appear in English (or in German if you use language file)

Why didn't include the same dialog code (RAMDISK info) in all other external language files (.dll) to enable translator to translate this dialog?

For example I copied it and sue in Italin in Italin language.

Edited by bovirus
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@bovirus I don't understand why you have so much fun with language files.
About the dialog, it's only the drive format dialog of windows shell32.dll.mui, 28672.

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I'm quite surprise about your request (so much fun for languaes)

I'm working as software engineer and I'd like to do my job in precise and detailed way.

For me the language and GUI are important as much as sofwtare functions because without a clear an right translated GUI many user cannot use fine the software.

I opened the original Italian language and I found errors and missing translations.

I revised and completed the italian translation.

Then I found that also for other language many languages don't have some string table groups (like original Italian language) to add missing strings.

Currently many languages are not updated because probably not all users can use tool like Resource Tuner that is not free (Resource Hacker cannot do it) to add string table groups to enable the translation of missing strings.

If you don't create group you cannot see the empy strings to translate.

Are there problems for you to use the language files that I updated to enable all translators to complete all translations?

As I mentioned now all languages are aligend as translation string group and anyone can complete it.

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Ah, did not thought that would be a problem, as nobody has mentioned it over time.
Thanks for the work. I have uploaded the fixed languages.

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