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WinNTSetup v5.2.6


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First once agay THANKS for this marvelous tool. I'll never get tired of saying it.

Sorry to boder you, if you don't mind I have some questions:

1- Top Left corner menu from the little icon: If I run your tool in a lite WinPE I made, can't see this icon (but I can see BootIce icon on Right corner), maybe it is a lack of a dependancy (Everything else is working very fine).

Is there another way to open it?, A funtion key perhaps?

Or any info about depencies?

2 - If I make a WinPE from lets say en-US souce, then run from it WinNTSetup as language selection is automatic, it runs in english.

Is there a way to force language selection?, maybe save and edit the *.ini before?

3 - Also do you think It is time to udate spanish translation? I made it long time ago. If so Would you like to uptade something first?

Best Regards


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Hi alacran,

1. if you mean the that titlebar icon is missing, than there is really something broken in your WinPE.
But don't need to click on the icon, just right click anywhere on the titlebar or press alt+space.

2. Easiest way is to rename the wanted xxxx.dll to language.dll. Or set the enviroment variable "set WinNTSetup_lng=xxxx"
I add an ini option to next version.

3. Yes an update would be nice, I don't plan to make any language related changes.

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I have bee having some minor issues with WinNTSetup lately. My .ini file
that I have been using for ages is now missing all the tweak check-marks
that I had selected a while back. I'm wondering why WinNTSetup is not
setting these selections. I created a new ini with ctrl+s and noticed
the following entries that have been added which I do not have in my old
ini file:


I seemed to have missed any mention as to what these entries do. After
adding them, my check-marks were back. Another problem I am having, is
that my bootmanager (Bootit Bare Metal from Terabyte Unlimited), is
overwritten when I do a new install with WinNTSetup. I believe BBM sits
in the MBR on HD0. WinNTSetp shows the MBR as yellow, which should be
ok, but the MBR gets overwritten anyway even though I specify not to
update the boot code. Once this happens, my bootmanager is gone. Can you
think of a way to avoid this?

I'm not sure if this has something to do with the BIOS on my new laptop.
On my old Thinkpad T500 I never had to reinstall the bootmanager.
Sometimes I had to reactivate it when I reinstalled XP, but that was
about it.

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The ini file has changed, all GUI options can now be saved in the INI.
They all go now into separate section depending on the window the options are located.

I've fixed to MBR update, however there is no way to stop Windows XP from doing an update itself.

On 15.3.2017 at 3:25 AM, alacran said:

Is there a way to force language selection?, maybe save and edit the *.ini before?

New Version accepts Language default form ini

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XP install is not a problem, because I am still able to reactivate Bootit with the BBM USB Install ISO. On the other installs, the BBM USB install ISO cannot reactivate and requires you to do a new install because too much of the code in the MBR was overwritten. I would like to avoid restoring the MBR after using WinNTSetup and  it would be nice if updating the MBR could be avoided when possible.

I still don't understand why none of my reg tweak selections did not appear in the GUI.  Was I just missing the RegTweaks= entry?


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Tweaks are now read and save from the new ini sections [WinNT5\TWEAKS] and [WinNT6\TWEAKS]
Same with bootsector and BCD stuff [WinNT5\READY]

Yes, it breaks old ini files, but makes it easier to edit then with an editor.

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Oh, Sorry, I missed seeing the [WinNT6\TWEAKS] section.:blushing:

Did you add a new option in this update to not update the mbr? Yellow doesn't necessarily mean booting a system will fail as indicated in the information balloon.

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