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WinNTSetup v5.2.4


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Oh, fixed now.

Seems we lost a lot of content in this topic.
I think you asked for an option to exclude some volumes from being mounted.

This can now be done in the ini, Choose eihter a dos device name or just a disk number.



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I have WinNTSetup v3.9.0 and have renamed enabled=0 to enabled=1  but I cannot get  ctrl+shift+D to work ??

Is it broken or is it me?

It seems to need both enabled=0 and enabled=1 files present now

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hmmm, this is strange...

I have a USB fixed-disk drive with folder that has WinNTSetup_x86 and .\Tools\diskpart folder has ONLY enabled=1

Win 10 x64 OS - Ctrl+Shift+D works OK

Win10PE (boot from Win10 x86 ISO and press SHIFT+F10) - same USB drive - Ctrl+Shift+D does not work

but if I add  enabled=1 and enabled=0 files are present - the Ctrl+Shift+D does work.

Edit - Actually if I quit WinNTSetup in WinPE and then run it again it does work  (with only enabled=1 file present).

So it seems that the first time you run it, it does not work...

I just retested it again.

  1. Fresh boot to WinPE from Win10 x86 ISO on a USB flash drive
  2. At Country\Language Select screen press SHIFT+F10
  3. In cmd console, run WinNTSetup_x86.exe  --  Ctrl+Shift+D does not work
  4. Quit WinNTSetup and re-run it -- Ctrl+SHift+D now works!
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Thanks, could reproduce it. Looks like a problem with the file selector dialog.

EDIT: fixed in version 3.9.1

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Was this discussed anywhere and what is the purpose?

new ini option "DefaultSKU"

compact mode (Win7?)

I don't remember seeing anything about ctrl+shft+D related to an enabled setting either.

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I think we had discussed it here, before the server crash.

You can set an edition that will be selected by default.

DefaultSKU = Professional

The compact mode on windows 7/8 now shows the boot animation.

For the Ctrl+Shift+D hotkey look in the Tools\diskpart folder.
It's a hidden feature, so I'm not document this one.

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On my UEFI Win10 , when "BIOS" only selected in "Boot code" section, WinNTSetup keep create EFI boot sectors too.
When "EFI" only selected, WinNT correctly create EFI only boot sectors, but create an empty "bootmgr" at the root ...

(with version 3.9.1)

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