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Windows 7 SP1 revealed


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First details of SP1 are being released


Two new features coming in Windows Server 2008 R2 service pack 1. Microsoft Dynamic Memory will allow customers to adjust memory of a guest virtual machine on demand to maximize server hardware use. Microsoft RemoteFX will enable users of virtual desktops and applications to receive a rich 3-D, multimedia experience while accessing information remotely.

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You know how Windows 7 is promoted:


You Spoke. We Listened.

You do understand how with this clever idea, it is NOT MS's fault as usual :unsure:, it's the dumb*** that spoke that should be crucified:


Brian: What will they do to me?

Ben the Prisoner: Oh you'll probably get away with crucifixion.


Ben the Prisoner: Yeah, first offense.



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It's a victim of the image format. If the install was flat, it'd work; if the SP was able to be made as an MSP, it'd work. Unfortunately, the SP is it's own installable package, and as such you have to load an image, install the SP package, then repackage via sysprep (reverse integration). I wish it weren't so, but unfortunately it is. I guess since I keep a base image in MDT/SCCM and use that to build a base WIM to deploy I don't have the pain others do, but I doubt it'll change anytime soon. Until the SP itself can be made into an MSP package (don't hold your breath), it's going to be this way.

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this is not the cause why it can't be slipstreamed! You can slipstream the SP n into a version which has n-1 SP level (Sp1 into RTM, Sp2 into Sp1, when you have a fully configured reverse integrated version). The cause is the way the servicing stack handles the updates!

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Right - it's a victim of the initial image. We probably won't have this problem with SP2, but SP1 isn't going to work. I know what you're getting at, but I thought I already covered that :P. We won't get into the D drive issue on new images either - I still haven't figured that one out.

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Dynamic RAM will be very useful if we can increase and decrease the ram. :)

[EDIT] Found more info here


Dynamic Memory


Pool of memory is dynamically distributed across VMs

Memory is dynamically allocated/removed based VM usage with no service interruption


Enables much higher consolidation ratios per host by addressing the greatest limiting factor to consolidation: Memory


VM memory configuration includes:

Initial (what VM will boot with)

Minimum (what VM is guaranteed)

Maximum (what VM can grow to)

Memory is added via Hot-Add MEM functionality

Memory is removed via Balloon driver (supported OSs)

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We won't get into the D drive issue on new images either - I still haven't figured that one out.

Are you talking about capturing and restoring SCCM images? There's a workaround but I don't have the information readily available right now...

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I'm aware of the workaround, it's just that it exists in the first place (and wasn't fixed in 7, when it was an issue with Vista and reported). I guess the build labs must do it that way and it can't easily be changed.

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