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The File-Checker (HFSLIPFC) for HFSLIP


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Actually, you only need 2681116.

Sure, but probably someone won't hotfixes (which are not testet as far as other updates). For that reason the file-checker has the corresponding options in the INI. And for this, I have all three updates (with the hints) on the list. :)
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Sorry, mimo, but I didn't understand a word you wrote.

I know the script supports the three, but in reality, a user would be OK with just 2681116.

Without wanting to put words into Mim0's mouth, I think he means that:

1. he retains 2657025 in his list for those who don't install hotfixes (as opposed to updates that are generally available, e.g. the ones you don't have to request).

2. he retains 2633952 in his list in deference to Microsoft, who categorises it as a high-priority update (whereas Microsoft calls 2657025 only "optional").

It's true that 2681116 replaces them both. But not everyone will install hotfixes. Microsoft does not test hotfixes (that you have to request) as thoroughly as it tests other updates. On some systems/configurations, some hotfixes have been reported to cause problems. One or two members here don't have a good word to say about them. Having said that, my own experience with hotfixes has been almost entirely trouble-free.

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HBRs are generally OK. If you look at Service Packs you can see that they are mostly combined of such hotfixes. Especially this one (2681116) is just a registry change so there's very little possiblity of being buggy (which can be the case if there're some untested .dlls, etc.).

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I've got a question concerning KB982316. I think it may be the same case as KB2603381, i.e. the registry changes are done through a customization dll so the update must be slipstreamed from SW1. Could you check it when you have some free time? :)

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what's the status of this update? I don't have it and the file checker doesn't list it as missing...why did you even add it?

In what case would the checker list it as missing?

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Alright, I made a new package for hfslip, but I think HFSLIP needs a minor modification, because now the control panel applet is split into two files: a small CPL file and a bigger exe.

The script needs to be modified to deal with those two files (actually, only with the additional exe).

grab it here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7065652/SWFLASH.CAB

(can someone mod HFSLIP?)

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