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7Customizer - a Windows 7 Customization and Deployment tool


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I'm running latest version and i get error when try to select Win7 path:


Log is attached.

Any idea?


I guess the error is that you have space marks in the path (" "). Try make paths that doesn't have spaces like "C:\DVD\dism\dism.exe" or what is your linking.

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hi, sound all good but did work 4 me........here my log.txt.

cheers james

Is D:\ your dvd?

Hope you know u cant add or change anything on a dvd, you need to copy it to your computer before you can work..

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problem with "unexpected error"

missing testimagex.txt!?

Weird man..

Well dont know what the problem might be but an idea is to start all over again..

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Thank you.

I got a suggestion or two to Blue then:

1) adding presets just like in vLite is planned? It would be nice.

2) when typing product key in, it would be nice if I could paste the whole string in instantly, without having to fill each box separately. Just click in the first one and paste.

So far it looks ok.

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Hi Guys

I'm searching for some help, because I'm not able to make this work on my own.

I need to make a install CD from my Win7 64bit MSDNAA installation CD with included language pack. The Win 7 instalation is giong to be installed on my parents PC , I´m working on my older Centrino x86 Notebook with WinXP Home (was pre-installed there). I don't have any possibility to get/install Vista , i have no possibility to work on 64bit PC , I will see my family in couple of weeks and by that time I would like to have an Instalation CD with the right language pack. I don't own any Oil platfrom or money printer too. :no:

I tried to use the 7customizer , I tried to install the vLite, but I stuck on the installation of WAIK. The vLite needs this WAIK to be installed. But the installation procedure thrwos an error message : cannot read or access ...tools\PETools\ia64\winpe.wim , I can abort the instalation or I can push the "try again" button but it starst again and again till the days.

For the same reason I'm not able to try the 7Customizer. I also looked at this link - but I didn't understand a word. Now I' trying to install the WAIK for the Windows 7 , but I'm not sure if it works on XP Home

Please , can anyone help me ?


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