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7Customizer - a Windows 7 Customization and Deployment tool

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Yea, i hope blue can answer this question, i asked at MDL forum as well.. but no reply there yet..

dism /logpath: gives alot of text that doesnt make a lot of sense to us though, but ">> .log" just writes the whole process into a textfile..

wellwell its not a big issue.

Im also using options to set keyboardlayout but hmm

I've found (French site) an explanation about your question - blinking cursor:

When you want creating a text file, like : >> %work%\Logs\LP.log

That means that the text were displayed inside the file text and not inside the command promt!

It is the reason you have a blinking cursor! :rolleyes:

I already know that and its pretty obvious.. but i want it to show in the prompt and write to logfile, not sure if thats doable?

Yes, that is doable:



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as many of us know NLITE is great tool for creating, customizing and deploying
Windows XP installation, & VLITE for Windows Vista.
Now the develepor of NLITE is working for Windows 7, 8 & 8.1 tool.
The new release will come in few months, For more details go to: www.nliteos.com

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please Teach me to download  7Customizer

To download? It downloaded when I clicked the text....


can you delete and disable service pack 1 from windows 7 iso?

I want to manually install it after windows setup has completed.

PLEASE tell me this is a feature

Why would you want to remove it? 

Its an awful thing to do:) And its not possible.


PS. 7c hasnt been updated for years.. Its shut down basically.

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