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WPI 7.7.0 Lang and Manual files

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Yes, when time is available, I always know that it takes some hours to update the manual. :D

But as there is quite a big german community using WPI, the manual should always be as up to date as possible in german. :P So I update it until I can't see HTML code any more or get a headache. :D

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Long time ago i use WPI classical as it is more simple for me, but i would like update 2 lang files and manuals.

I do not know Accordions meaning - for me they are music instruments!

The languages names in their native characters are shown wrong in Options window (in languagebox file are OK). Russian absolutely"greek", my native, lithuanian - the last characters. That is because of coding IMHO (ANSI and UTF8)

Offtop. What does it mean - show images in installer - background or fades

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Accordion: yes, like the instrument. Referring to Accordion theme. When side bars scroll up and down.

The languages have been an issue for some time now. Some need UTF8, some don't. They all display correctly in text editor, but not in WPI. if you have an idea, let me know. Could it be the header in WPI.hta?

Show Images in installer: the success checkmark, the fail X, next to items as being installed.


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