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BTW, who wants to do translations?


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German - MrBusty

Spanish - Ricktendo

Italian - Smiley89

Norwegian - Banankrem

Arabic - ghassen

Chinese - SlideMaster

Portuguese - Mort

I've already go people who can do French and Dutch. If anyone can do Japanese, that'd be great.

I'll have the tables to translate within a few days. I'm going paintballing tomorrow and then I'm having a bocking meet in Birmingham on Sunday so probably Monday.

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I've sent PMs to those people on my list in the post above this. The PM contains further instructions.

If anyone else wants to volunteer, let me know. I'd like to re-emphasise my request for people who can write fluent Japanese.

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hmmpth, it seems there's a 10-minute cooling off period between sending PMs to people (it wasn't there 2 months ago...); so rather than spend an hour trying to PM people I'll just post this publically:

Hi there,

You're receiving this PM because you volunteered to help translate text for xpize/Vize/Sevenize/Anolis Installer into another language.

The string table is in XML format available here: http://anol.is/misc/StringTable.txt

Your job is to translate the text between the <value> tags for each <data> element. Do not modify any of the element attributes.

Please use UTF-8 encoding when saving the file so international characters are preserved. Also include a link to your website (if any) and the name you wish to be credited by (if any).

If you have any problem with translation, such as the context of the text or if there's any ambiguity, let me know.


When you're done translating it, just send in a PM to me.

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i'm having a lil problem with translating

when do u need it?

As I said in my PM to you, you can leave it for a while, your exams are far more important.

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