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  1. Hello, I wonder have you manage to download this ApplyTheme application?

    I refer to this topic:

    Thank you ;)

  2. emmm i cant understand what does this script? it creates a silent installer based on your files?
  3. i dont know why when i insert the following commands imagex /export D:\AIO\WIMs\Win64.wim 4 D:\AIO\DVD\sources\install.wim “Windows 7 HOMEBASIC (x64)” i recieve this: i have been followin the steps of this tutorial http://www.windowsvalley.com/create-windows-7-aio-all-in-one-dvd-or-merge-all-editions-of-windows-7-in-single-dvd/ but it is not working the images of my win7 64bits are not exported to my win7 32bits image
  4. and can i unattended using rt windows lite? i mean...lots of programs to make unattended windows 7 ask first for a version to be silent installed with this...the only thing it do is merge lot of versions of w7 in one dvd...but how about to unnatended them? have you tried that? thank you very much for the help
  5. well...i dont understand this step: so..i dont see WHEN im going to need it...on next steps, the author doesnt uses the INDEX NOS on any command or something..
  6. i have seen different versions of windows 7 of 32b and 64b on one DVD.... how can they do that? i have found this: http://www.windowsvalley.com/create-windows-7-aio-all-in-one-dvd-or-merge-all-editions-of-windows-7-in-single-dvd/ but the people have commented that they couldnt did it.... so...what about you guys? do you know an easy way to burn both versions of windows7 (32b and 64b) on a single DVD?
  7. so which is the problem? so many users are requesting a new verrsion of rt seven lite after sp1 was released
  8. so, i cant make an unnatended windows 7 with sp1 integrated by msdn? when will last version be released?
  9. for me it doesnt work... the process avgui.exe doesnt exist...so i think it will never close have you tried that with last version of avg free?
  10. i have found a bug: If an user choose spanish installation...and he set Install start menu icon BUT NO DESKTOP ICON..the setup doesnt work ok (it shows an 7zip error..file missing i think). but if user choose to create the 2 shorcuts..the setups work fine. (i have tryied many times this...and it occurs the same)
  11. looking for same thing!! which is the command to avoid gadget installation?
  12. cant find TUM51.tmp file :S where is tuneup .msi setup?? im on windows7
  13. well..i have tried on many ways but when %CDROM%\1.EXE doesnt exist, the cmd doesnt continue with the script execution (2.exe) and the cmd is closed if 1.exe exist, the cmd works excelent could be that "if" parameter is bad written? (i also have tried Yzöwl commands): IF EXIST "%CDROM%\1.EXE" (START "" /WAIT "%CDROM%\1.EXE") "C:\2.EXE" and then if exist... else... if no exist... goto... &&... but no way PD: if i have %cdrom% on a pendrive..or hard disk..all works fine, the problem is when %cdrom% is a cdrom or a dvd

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