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  1. Smiley89

    Release 7

    Good to know you're still working on it My only suggestions are: support for patching Remote Desktop Connection 7.0 and some kind of Reloader. Maybe the "Generic" style I proposed some time ago would be nice too but that's not a priority. PS Happy holidays
  2. * Per cambiare tema To change the theme * non piace il tema I don't like the theme I understand what you mean... There are a lot of people who think xpize is just a theme, and there're also a lot of people who think the applied theme can't be changed after installing xpize.
  3. Smiley89

    Firefox users:

    If there has to be an XP-looking Firefox theme, I would personally recommend MozXP. This theme doesnn't look like IE6 but it has XP icons. But IMHO it shouldn't be included in xpize, personally I wouldn't like to see my Firefox with a theme I didn't choose...
  4. Oh well... I didn't know that. And, to be honest, I was not sure I could finish them. So the only thing which has to be done is to use a blank background... You spared me a lot of work XD Well, I would like to see this in next release, but do as you like.
  5. I'm currently working on it: I made, so far, 27 BMPs. Now I'm going on holiday for 10 days but when I come back I'll finish the work (hoping that Release 6 won't come out before).
  6. Here's the updated Italian translation. it__11_08_09_.7z
  7. Thanks, that helped. So far, this visual style is unfinished. I don't know if I'll be able to finish it before the next release, I'll see what I can do.
  8. I'm planning to make a clean install of XP SP3 on my VM to test it better (the actual installation is a mess as I tested both the betas and the release). The only request I have is: what about a "reloader" tool as in xpize 4.7? I didn't find it in Release 4. As for the resources, there are a couple of things I would like to see: - A generic style for bitmaps as I proposed in this topic, but I can't find the resources to make them by myself... is it possible to unpack the xpize 5 installer to get the icons I need? - A new style for the "Abut Windows" logo. Current one looks too "grainy" IMHO (I can try to make these ones too). PS I'm making a visual style based on Media Center but more modern-looking and with more colours. Take a look if you like.
  9. Smiley89

    Vize 2.0 Release 1

    That's nice. I'm looking forward to test it on my Vista Business x64 SP2 laptop.
  10. Here's a little idea I recently had. In the new xpize 5 release 4, I see that there're many "styles" to choose from (and I like the idea). So, I was thinking of a "generic" style which can be suitable for many Visual Styles. I'm thinking of bitmaps with the same icons, but with a white background. As the default background in wizards is white, i think this can fit well with the overall style of the windows. And it is suitable for third party Visual Styles. I would like to do the work, but I don't have the original icons for each bitmap. I did a couple of examples (note that they're not actually patched, they're only edited pictures): (I used WereWolf's control panel icon on DeviantArt to make this example) I haven't thought yet about a generic msgina.dll or a generic logonui.exe because I have no idea of how they could be...
  11. Here's the updated and corrected Italian language file. it.zip
  12. Good to know. I noticed some errors in the Italian language file too. Will correct them soon
  13. Here's the updated Italian - sorry if I'm late, been busy with an University exam which I have tomorrow. StringTable2_it.txt
  14. Smiley89

    xpize 5 Final

    That's good news. I have a little idea for wizard bitmap style... Thinking about a "Generic" style suitable with all visual styles. I'll post it soon.
  15. Italian ready for the 2nd round! When will we receive the new string table to translate?
  16. UPDATE: latest version of Comodo Firewall (3.10.102194.530) is correctly detected by Solution Center.
  17. Smiley89

    xpize 5 Beta 3

    See the post above:
  18. I'm sorry but unfortunately I don't know who has them... I made mine simply placing the new Vista logo (after resizing it) on the old one (not that much work, i admit it :$).
  19. Hi, I tested XPize 5 Beta 3 and I saw that you included the mods for Energy Blue and Luna Element. Some time ago, I made some extra resources to make the mod more complete: maybe you'll find them useful. Resources include: - "About Windows" banners with Vista flag and row below in Element-style; - Bitmaps in "Application Bar and Start Menu" settings; - Logoff/shutdown dialogs. Here's an old screenshot of mine with XPize 4.6 + Luna Element Mod 1.0b + my modifications: Here are the resources, classified and packed into a zip file: Luna-Element-Extra.zip (Skydrive) Use them as you like
  20. Smiley89

    xpize 5 Beta 3

    After running the condition test, I can confirm that this is the problem. Here's the test's result: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Symbols osversion 5,1 servicepack 3 architecture 32 installlang 1040 Expression ToString() ( osversion == 5.1 && servicepack == 3 && architecture == 32 ) Tokenize '(', 'osversion', '==', '5.1', '&&', 'servicepack', '==', '3', '&&', 'architecture', '==','32', ')' Evaluate Result: 0 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Symbols osversion 5,1 servicepack 3 architecture 32 installlang 1040 Expression ToString() ( osversion == 5.2 && servicepack == 2 && architecture == 32 ) Tokenize '(', 'osversion', '==', '5.2', '&&', 'servicepack', '==', '2', '&&', 'architecture', '==', '32', ')' Evaluate Result: 0 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Symbols osversion 5,1 servicepack 3 architecture 32 installlang 1040 Expression ToString() ( osversion == 5.2 && servicepack == 2 && architecture == 64 ) Tokenize '(', 'osversion', '==', '5.2', '&&', 'servicepack', '==', '2', '&&', 'architecture', '==', '64', ')' Evaluate Result: 0 I found a temporary workaround: I changed the decimal symbol from "," to "." in "International and Language settings". Now installed fine. I found a couple of small issues too: - Some elements in Internet Explorer 8 aren't patched (I suppose because IE8 isn't supported ATM); - One really minor issue: after reboot, there was no visual style applied (Classic mode). I applied it manually and it worked (unsigned themes work, too).
  21. Smiley89

    xpize 5 Beta 3

    Hmm, I'm getting a strange problem. The installer showed me an error where it says that the package can be installed only on XP x86 SP3... But I AM installing it on an XP SP3 VM! PS For the translation, there are some parts which actually I remember I translated but I see they're in english... Will look into it. EDIT: here's a screenshot.
  22. Smiley89

    xpize 5 Beta 2

    18 MB isn't that much for me... It's far less than my average file size download. So don't worry
  23. Italian finished, see attachment StringTable.zip
  24. D'oh I voted default when I'm on "Always notify me and dim my desktop until I respond"

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