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Motherboard and Processor reccomendation anyone?

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I am thinking about buying a new Processor and Motherboard.

I think I am pretty sure about the processor.

I know I want a Pentium 4.

Probably somewhere between 1.5 and 2.0 ghz.

I understand that I will probably want to get the 'mPGA478' series motherboard so it will be compatible with the next generation of chips that will use the 478 pin socket as opposed to the 423 pin socket. Should my processor be a mPGA478? Or is it just the motherboard I should worry about? What do you think about processors? I don't want to spend an arm and a leg but I want a signifigant upgrade from my 650mghz AMD K62.

From what I read, the ASUS P4B motherboard is one of the highest reviewed P4 motherboards around. It is a Socket 478. Seems to be maxed out and quick.

Does this sound like the route I should take?

Any suggestions or alternatives?

Many people have tried to convince me to go with an AMD Athlon maxed out with a motherboard designed for the AMD Athlon.


I would like any ideas or input you guys have. I just want to ensure I get a great setup.

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If you're decided on a Pentium 4 this is what I have:

Intel Pentium 4 1.7ghz Socket 478

Intel Desktop D850MDL micro ATX Motherboard

256MB PC800 RDRAM Memory

Pentium 4's work best with RDRAM. If you choose DDRAM or SDRAM you will take a performance hit.

You can also check out BAH's screaming set up here, althought the site was unavailable earlier. He's got a Pentium 4 setup with all the bells and whistles.


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Look at Tomshardware, check the latest resellers, check pricewatch, above all else, get what you can afford. Further, get the best of everything. Don't settle for substandard merchandise. This is a huge mistake a lot of folks make. You want to get products from companies that you know and trust and can sue in the event they don't honor their warranty.

I learned this many moons ago!

Additionally, as for my recommendation for a PENTIUM4 & MOBO combo,

I'd go with

AsusTek P4S333 Retail Box 2yr warranty SiS® 645 chipset 6 PCI,3 DDR DIMM, ACR, AGP 4X optional audio & LAN. with cpu - Pentium® 4 2.0GHz 2000Mhz 478 Pin w/ Heatsink & Fan. Complete Combo Set, w/3 yr. warranty! $ 472 $12+ 2/21/2002 11:40:35 PM CT PartsPc.com


562-427-9284-- P.O.'s accepted

CA P4S333@2.0

There are others out there, but I believe for the price, that this set is very nice.

Big Booger

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If your made up your mind to get a P4 then stick with that the guys have given you some good advice and the link Reverend gave u gives some good reviews on some of the P4 boards so make sure u check that out

I have a P4 1.7gig and Im using a asus P4T-E(i850) board, which i think is a great board

and yes RDram is a good performance booster:D

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I read the thread on XP Processors. It contains the same issues I am still dealing with.

P4 or AMD?

I mean if I go with the AMD I will need to get a board that complements the AMD to get the best performance, right?

And doesn't that mean that that board will not be a socket 478. This will prevent me from ever switching to a pentium chip. I am locked in to an AMD. What is the socket set for AMD?

SOOOOOO, whatever decision I make will lock me into that manufacturers chip because my motherboard will not support both.

Is AMD faster and better than P4?

So my decision comes down to this.

If I get an AMD with a motherboard designed for it, or I get a P4 with the ASUS P4B (I'm told that is the best for P4), ...WHICH ONE IS BETTER OVERALL.

I will not be using RDram if I go with the P4. Too expensive. Not transferable to other machines.

If you could choose between AMD with a motherboard to complement it, or a P4 with a motherboard to complement,......


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intel chips.. need right mobo for right chip, pain in the neck. AMD chips.. socket A, simple dimple

266FSB socket A, AMD athlon XP 1800, 1900 or 2000 whats ya flava?

at least with an athlon chip, you can upgrade to next speed without changing your mother board. also, AMD chips are cheaper and will out perform a pentium chip for much less cash, easier to unlock and overclock too, if your into that.

a pc with an AMD athlon XP 1800 will out perform a pentium 4 and cost less. personally i dont see why people pay (lots) more money to get an intel and are more restricted upgrade wise, and get less speed for their money, also DDR ram is much cheaper than RDR ram.

go price up a socket A mother board (eg soyo dragon plus) with 512mb DDR ram, and an Athlon XP 1800.

now do same for a petium 4 mobo, 2ghz chip, and 512mb RDR ram.

compare them, and what would be good is if some of the folks here with both of those proccessors would post thier bench mark screen shots with sysoft sandra, i know elite and BAH could both do that and prove my point.

up to you in the end, but i know where my moneys going.. and its not intels marketing campaigns with silly painted men.

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I think I am going to go with AMD.

What is the best Atlon...Duron?

Which is best for overclocking?

Should I overclock?

The most important thing for me is getting a motherboard that is designed for the AMD.

Which one do you reccomend?

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Ok I am going to go with the AMD Athlon XP 2000+.

What clock speeds are currently available?

I am not going to overclock. Why take the chance.

Now the big question...the Motherboard.

This has always been the real issue for me.

I know that ASUS and ABIT make motherboards just for AMD. However I have heard from other people that there are other boards that outperform ASUS and ABIT. I have spent a lot of time finding reviews on AMD motherboards but there isn't really any boards that seem to be better than others. It's tough to find a good site that does extensive reviews of motherboards and maintains some sort of rating system. I like Tom's Hardware but they don't keep track of a personal rating system. You know like we think this board is best and then this is second.... that kind of thing.

I don't think I know what criteria I need to look for to make a decision on a board that is designed FOR THE AMD. Or maybe even designed just for the AMD ATHLON XP.

What boards do you think are best?

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Buck...you got me worried man! Have you ever tried to build a PC? The best way to learn is to try but I noticed that you have a limited knowledge on the differences in the chips, etc. I'm not trying to dog you but I hate to see anybody fall into disaster and that is exactly what will happen if you try to build your own PC and you don't know what you are doing.

Duron is like a Celeron chip is to a PentiumIII, P4, etc. but it is much better than a Celeron.

Athlon is the P4 for AMD.


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