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  1. Hey guys......back for while thought id run this one past you.... Got a customer with a Win2K server set up for file sharing, it connects to 5 XP clients via a network. Now the customer doesnt use the net that often and is reluctant to spend money on ISN or broadband so im stuck with a 56k connection. I set the server up to use the ICS option for the 5 clients to access the internet, clients are using DHCP to connect tho the network. It worked ok, not fantastic but ok forthe first few day then fell on its arse... every time one of the clients tries to use the ICS the server creates an entry in the error log to the effect..... Event Source: ipnathlp Event ID: 31002 Description: The DNS proxy agent was unable to bind to the IP address error code 1d 27 00 00. Obveously the ICS uses as the server IP. ive also tryed giving the clients static IP's Ive un-configed ICS released and renewed the ip's rebooted the server and clients and it still wont work.. All hardware is Dell nad all s/ware is licenced. Is the built in ICS worth messing with of should i force them down another route.
  2. Here i am back again..... Need some help from someone who is a whizz with swish or flash. Have an idea i want to use for a site im doing but havnt got the s/ware or know how. I have all the graphics and text and know exacly what i want Can some one do it for me...?
  3. BAH

    Bastard ...

    The results are in. You are certifiably: 39% bastard! 22% of which is Tard The worldwide average is 44% bastard.
  4. just delete the oem logo and oem inf.....and you will have a normal system tab, the files are in windows/system32.
  5. BAH


    I did MCSE a few years ago when it was the in thing, but now everyone has it...... Your better of doing the CCNA,CCNE.
  6. Hey Doggie, she looks like she could suck the crome of my tailpipe in one go without even breaking a sweat...... Damm she looks mean.
  7. (Just...In Timberlake).... The man with the 2" C***k
  8. Ive done this before but its one of those things you forget. How can you get my personal folders tree to stay expanded.....? everytime i open outlook i have to expand the tree, i just one the damm thing to stay expanded. Winxp SP1 & OE 6.
  9. Nice one mate good luck..... :flowers:
  10. you must be downstream from the broadband pipe....
  11. Hey thanks everyone, you make an old git very happy. w00t
  12. Well here is my score. from my laptop.....
  13. Welcome Matty Its good to see someone else on the forum from Teesside..
  14. You can also log into your paypal account and set the option to put a paypal banner on all your auctions..... See mine here.. http://cgi6.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...&sort=3&rows=25
  15. Hey me to....... http://cgi6.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...&sort=3&rows=25
  16. Im drinking to your health....get well soon
  17. BAH


    Yep it was a virus, only way to get rid was to run a DOS virus checker.

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