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  1. err... you obviously don't know your way round vb very well. "Who's online" has been a feature of vb for years. Its on the Currently Active Users: link. BTW,hello to all my old msfn buddies. Its been a while. Have chatted to xper on msn a few times but don't have much time to come over here any more.
  2. I heard the downtime was because xper,(TZ Junior Member),wiped the HDD. He knows what i mean.
  3. Get well soon bro. From your friends at TZ.
  4. To be honest Drew i've never used that plugin,so i can't verify whether it does or not.But having read through that nero MP3 plugin page,i presume it does. It allows you to burn mp3's as an mp3 CD,without converting them to cda format.And you can then play them on a CD Player,as long as it is MP3 playback compatible. I think
  5. I haven't used it myself,but have you tried the nero MP3 plugin. It encodes other formats to mp3, but also records them on an audio cd as mp3's as well. MP3 Decoding With Nero's MP3 Plug-in, it's easy to create your own standard CDs from MP3 soundfiles. You don't need to pre-convert your MP3 files to WAV files. Nero can decode and burn MP3 files "on the fly"! (Note: Burning MP3 files requires at least a 100MHz Pentium system for 2X recording, and at least a 233MHz Pentium II for 4X. Faster systems can support up to 16X.). Your CD will then be playable on any standard CD player. nero mp3 plugin also make sure you record in "Track at once" not "disc at once"
  6. Do you want to decide the fate of a college girl's chest? Do you want to help give the world a pair of big beautiful breasts? Here is your chance to GIVE MICHEL BOOBS! source: The Register
  7. I think its more than likely routing problems,rather than specifically an ISP fault. I know all this week,anything going through the clara.net,NTL and Telehouse networks has been affected. And my ISP hasn't reported any DNS problems. Xper,if you are having problems getting on TZ,it might be because there are still remnants of the DDos attack last week trying to filter through.My hosts have had to temporarily block some IP ranges until the ISP's can track down the sources,and block things more accurately.
  8. Hey guys,just wondering if anyone else is having problems reaching some sites today.(including MSFN) I'm getting a lot of "page cannot be displayed" DNS errors.Don't know if its just my ISP.
  9. I can't confirm that for definate as their support forums are down as well so i have no evidence.But it appears from the "too many connections" errors that they have either had to temporarily reduce server connections,or they are having MySQL refresh problems. I came online this morning and had over 500 error emails in my inbox.
  10. Countdown to Christmas 2003 w00t
  11. Yeah,i've managed to grab a backup from yesterday,and i will do a daily one right up to when me move.
  12. Building your own is the way to go. You can hand pick components & peripherals to suit your own needs,and if you shop around it will work out a lot cheaper than buying a pre-configured one. Hey Fthr J,when you gonna get your online store up?? I keep checking it out.
  13. I can reveal that i have found another host. We are running tests at the moment,and as soon as domain transfer and DNS are updated everything will be moved across.Hopefully by middle of next week.
  14. Update from my hosts: Since 27th of December KDA have been under a sustained DOS attack. This attack has been aimed at our main webserver and brought our UK operations to a standstill. Usually a sustained attack will last no more than 8 hours, unfortuently the magnitude of this one has seen it last 30 hours. At 8:30am on the 27th we were alerted to a slow down in access to the server, this was minutes after the attack began, shortly afterwards our monitoring service informed us of a peak of traffic directed at our IP subnet, at this point the traffic was peaking at 200mbit a second, shortly afterwoulds the traffic hit 800mbit a second. This level of traffic in a DDOS attack is unheard of, it was totally over the top it was basically like someone sending us 8gigabytes of data every minute. The traffic was so immense it knocked out claranets dialup, ADSL and leased line customers throughout the UK, the attackers also managed to cause an outage on 2 gigabit transatlantic links. As you can immagine a lot of our upstream providers were very annoyed and part of their solution was to put a block on all traffic coming to KDA, unfortuenly this meant loss of access for all our clients. This morning we managed to bring our mail servers online but our web server was still blocked as we still had 32mbit of traffic attempting to hit it from upstream. The people who did this were very sophisticated, they knew what they were doing and it was there aim to keep our server offline for as long as possible. At the moment all blocks have been removed and we are working with several ISPs to block the remaining traffic from hitting out network.We apologise for this outage and we hope that you understand we are doing our best to restore your normal service. we are now back online.
  15. You might as well stay here at MSFN guys. It's down for me as well. I can't even move to a new host because my FTP is down.
  16. We are back online now. Don't know for how long this time. (fingers are crossed)
  17. For anyone who is unsure what a DDos attack is,here's an explanation
  18. Thanks guys. I don't think we were specifically targeted.Quite a few other sites were affected as well. It looks like it might be happening again.I've just come online this morning and can't get on TZ.
  19. He saw my current Messenger nickname "Reverend - f#@*% n' dos attacks" Here's an explanation of the downtime,from my hosts; FJ sorry i didn't get back to you on MSN,i was busy having a 4 way conversation with some members.
  20. I've sent the psd file,to your website email addy.
  21. Is this the sort of thing you want; i've got the PSD if you want it.

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