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Unofficial Windows 95 OSR2.x Service Pack 1.0x Final Release


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Unofficial Windows 95 OSR2 Service Pack 1.05 posted:

(full version) 50.9Mb:

(lite version) 27.6Mb:

changes for v1.05-
-modified MSINFO95.INF file to fix installation problem of the ms system info & tools files when Win95 is not installed on primary hard drive (such as D: or E: drives)
-updated ATL71.DLL & MFC71.DLL files to the latest versions from KB971089
-replaced ASYCFILT.DLL, OLEPRO32.DLL & STDOLE2.TLB files with build 4520 from Q327177
-included newest DSTUPD95 package containing Feb. 2010 time zone / daylight saving time registry info [KB979306]
-updated GRPFLT95 package containing newest graphic filter files that fix recent security problems
-updated WMP 6.4 package for the full osr2 service pack containing latest strmdll.dll security fix

changes for v1.04-
-modified machine.inf and mshdc.inf files to support certain IBM Thinkpad laptops with pre-installed W95b or W95c
-added ANSI editions of the ATL71.DLL, MFC71.DLL, MSVCP71.DLL & MSVCR71.DLL files

changes for v1.03-
-updated GDI32.DLL file to version 4.00.955 (Q247578)
-fixed minor install problems with the RUNPOST.BAT file which should now execute installing registry entries from the PRESERVE.INF file; also corrected some registry entries in the PRESERVE.INF file
-updated WMP 6.4 and WMP 5.2 packages to include the URLMON.DLL & WININET.DLL files from DXMedia; some WMP codecs will not register correctly without those two files
-updated QFECheck reg info on the latest versions of GDI.EXE and GDI32.DLL files installed by the SP
-updated GRPFLT95.EXE package (unofficial graphics filters pack for Win95) that includes newer WPGIMP32.FLT file

changes for v1.02-
-fixed version number on the opening dialog box prompt; it should now mention the correct version of the SP
-added ANSI editions of the ATL70.DLL, MFC70.DLL, MSVCP70.DLL & MSVCR70.DLL files

changes for v1.01-
-updated CIMWIN32.DLL to version 1.50.1085.0059 from Q289514
-fixed some minor install problems with the SP

Starting with version 1.01 of the SP, the OSR2 SP deletes older OSR2 SP QFECheck registry entries from previous versions of the OSR2 SP when installing over a previous version.

If you have any questions, comments, problems with the OSR2 SP, send me PM (personal message) or email.


EDIT: Version 1.05 is the very last release of the 1.0x series of the SP since this SP project is now EOL/EOS (end-of-life / end-of-support) as of December 31, 2014.  No more new releases of this unofficial service pack will be made from this point on.


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Linked here:


* Unofficial Windows 95B/95C OSR 2.0/2.1/2.5 Service Pack 1 (SP1) 1.0 installs ALL previously released Hotfixes, Patches + Updates (English, free):


- OSR2 SP1 1.0 Full [49 MB]:


- OSR2 SP1 1.0 Lite [25.7 MB]:




Please keep same forum URL [http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=129504] for all future OSR2 SP1 releases.


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newer 1.0.1 update listed further below
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im gonna take a guess and say that directx might not be in it

that's just one of the addons not included in the lite edition of the SP [it has DirectX 8.0a]. another difference is the version of Windows Media Player included. The full version has WMP 6.4 while the lite version has WMP 6.0 (or is it WMP 5.2?) which does not depend on certain IE files.

also the full version installs Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.5 SP3; some third party apps depend on some of the files from MDAC

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Because Win98SE has IE integrated in its shell, making it unpleasant to work with for some (like me).

As for an nLited WinXP SP3, that thing will crawl on older computers.

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HUH? why not switch to 98SE? Any pc that runs 95 can run 98SE right? Or even an nLited XP SP3?

Well, not actually. As I know Win98 SE requires 16 Mb RAM, and Win95 OSR requires 8 Mb (original, not OSR version required 4 Mb, but it was hard to install it, and it was extremely slow on such PCs, my friend tried to install it on 386 with 4 MB). And I have experience of running Win98 on 16 MB RAM. It is not so bad, but 16 MB memory turns the multitasking system to singletasking :). I wanted to use Win95, but had a bad distributive, which refused to run. So, I had to install and use Win98.

But actually, you are quite right, Win98 has all the good sides of Win95 and does not have many of its bugs. I don't understand people, still using Win95 except for licensing issue or severe hardware limitation. In this case I don't think they need this update. But I know at least one man, using Windows 95 on not so old notebook just because he likes it.

As for nLited XP SP3, it has much bigger requirements than Win98.

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