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  1. I have a concern that I need someone to make sure these hotfixes are compatible for both copies of Home Edition and Professional for X86, Service Pack 3. Please help me by pointing out the particular hotfix that won't be able to slipstream. windowsxp-kb925902-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb931261-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb936929-sp3-x86-enu.exe (SERVICE PACK 3)windowsxp-kb942228-v3-x86.exewindowsxp-kb946648-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb951376-v2-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb952011-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb952954-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb955704-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb956572-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb956844-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb960859-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb967715-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb969059-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb971029-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb971657-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb972270-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb973507-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb973815-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb973869-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb973904-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb974112-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb974318-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb974392-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb974571-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb975025-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb975560-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb975713-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb977816-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb977914-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb978338-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb978542-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb978706-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb979309-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb979482-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb979687-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb981322-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb981997-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb982132-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb982665-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2115168-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2229593-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2296011-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2387149-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2393802-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2423089-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2440591-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2443105-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2478971-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2483185-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2485663-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2492386-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2507938-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2508429-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2509553-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2535512-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2536276-v2-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2544893-v2-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2564958-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2566454-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2570947-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2584146-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2585542-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2592799-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2598479-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2603381-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2619339-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2620712-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2624667-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2626416-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2631813-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2641690-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2646524-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2653956-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2655992-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2657025-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2659262-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2661637-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2686509-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2691442-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2695962-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2705219-v2-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2712808-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2718704-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2719985-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2723135-v2-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2727528-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2736233-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2749655-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2753842-v2-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2758857-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2770660-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2778344-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2780091-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2794119-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2799494-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2802968-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2807986-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2808679-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2813170-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2813345-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2813347-v2-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2820197-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2820917-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2834886-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2845187-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2849470-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2850851-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2850869-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2859537-x86-enu.exewindowsxp-kb2863058-x86-enu.exewindowsmedia6-kb925398-v2-x86-enu.exewmp11-windowsxp-x86-enu.exewindowsmedia11-kb929399-v2-x86-intl.exewindowsmedia11-kb929773-x86-intl.exewindowsmedia11-kb932390-x86-intl.exewindowsmedia11-kb933547-x86-intl.exewindowsmedia11-kb935552-x86-intl.exewindowsmedia11-kb935551-x86-intl.exewindowsmedia11-kb939683-x86-enu.exewindowsmedia11-kb939209-x86-intl.exewindowsmedia11-kb941569-x86-enu.exewindowsmedia11-kb944882-x86-intl.exewindowsmedia11-kb952069-x86-enu.exewindowsmedia11-kb954067-x86-intl.exewindowsmedia11-kb954154-x86-enu.exewindowsmedia11-kb954155-x86-enu.exewindowsmedia11-kb973442-x86-intl.exewindowsmedia11-kb973540-x86-enu.exewindowsmedia11-kb975558-x86-enu.exewindowsmedia11-kb978695-x86-enu.exewindowsmedia11-kb2378111-x86-enu.exeie8-windowsxp-x86-enu.exeie8-windowsxp-kb2510531-x86-enu.exeie8-windowsxp-kb2632503-x86-enu.exeie8-windowsxp-kb2797052-x86-enu.exeie8-windowsxp-kb2799329-x86-enu.exeie8-windowsxp-kb2809289-x86-enu.exeie8-windowsxp-kb2862772-x86-enu.exedotnetfx35.exedotnetfx40_full_x86_x64.exemseinstall.exe (Microsoft Security Essential)rootsupd.exervkroots.exewindows-kb890830-v5.3.exe (Microsoft Malicious Software Removal)silverlight.exeThank you very much. Lucan edited: I forgot to add this paragraph: - WindowsXP-WindowsMedia11-KB2834904-x86-ENU.exe - This patch was botched along with KB2803821 - [http://www.infoworld.com/t/microsoft-windows/another-botched-windows-patch-ms13-057kb-2803821kb-2834904-222636]- kb2661254-X86-ENU.exe - This is widespread enterprise RSA issues. - [http://krebsonsecurity.com/tag/kb2661254/]- KB890830-v4.18.exe - This is for Malicious Software Removal Tools X64, however, reports says this scans and remove any WGA Validations, rendering the pirated licenses useless.- KB025902 - Hotfix integration failed. Please report if this is unexpected.
  2. Sorry for hijacking this thread, but I would like to thanks Bristols for his work on keeping WIndows 2000 alive. I recently had a really bad urge on reinstalling the w2k on my other hard drive that I recently salvaged from the laptop. It took me a while to find the latest pre-sp5 package that was left behind back in 2006. Keep up with good work, Bristols. -Lucan
  3. bump Need info on drivers without dism.
  4. @MrJinje Not bad, but this will be my first time using the deployment via unattended setup for windows vista/7, so, I'm hoping for a good and easy way to do this. And as for driver, you didn't specify the instruction for packing the unzipped and current drivers used by devices into a zip ( similar to integrating the drivers to system32 or something, almost like nlite/vlite. ) had some experiences on XP unattended on older pc, and did a good on batching, and still across to the drivers issues. I don't really like to write batch for drivers to setup at one time each. I still need the instruction on how to integrate the driver into something and will be unzip on the fly without executing any setup on it, namely on chipset and video card drivers. Also it would be nice to hear the instruction on how to hook up the essentials apps from drivers to os ( such as start the services and auto-start and so forth; as well and to register the registry and services. Thank you.
  5. Hosts - After running the Spybot Search & Destroy, it integrates over 10,000 of bad host ip into hosts. That's something I would like to save for the next unattended setup, but I understand that it could be easier if I write the batch to copy the hosts into system32/drivers/etc instead, but I would prefer to write my own batch for the hosts. Does anyone have any ideas or experiences on making a batch that actually writes correctly into hosts without having restart into safe mode or something? Acrobat Reader - How to install it silently? Using the MSI file? Bitdefender - I would like to have it installed silently using switches, but i dont know how. Also I need to have a batch handy for integrating the virus scanner for Windows Live Messenger. Drivers - How to integrates all of drivers in once instead of making the batch to loads each programs at a time?
  6. Anybody tried to get displayswitch.exe working on Vista yet? I would love to read people's feat on this one. I would like to know if the windows+p will work on vista too. Thanks
  7. How can I makes any programs goes unattended, without of using of switches?
  8. Well, I guess I'll try this thread. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=102095
  9. I'm using Dell Inspiron 6400 ( E1505 ) and it comes with it own vista home premium reinstallation dvd. Problem = It doen't comes with SP1 at all. So, I want to go ahead with SP2 soon, as they comes out of RTM or RC1. I would like someone to point me the fixes that I can apply on the SP2 OEM dvd for my laptop. Dell Laptop Vista - SP2 integration Tweaks - Classic theme / Classic Control Panel - Set up the new power profile and mark it as high performance / low power computing ( Dont need to use EPU4 ) - Fix High and low power, So I don't have to use Dell's Notebook System Setup - Fix TCP/IP's limit connections - Menu icon, small, 15 counts / Desktop, classic icons - Disable Screensaver - Disable UAC - Disable Sounds Scheme ( No Windows Startup Sound ) - Show hidden files and folder / unhide extensions and protected operating system files. - Search Providers - Google / Home Page - Google - Add Downloads to Favorite Links - Disable Welcome Center - Disable Windows Sidebar - Necessary tweaks to disable specific services ( Refer to Vista's service guide for improving performance) - Remove drive and folder indexing Modify - uxtheme.dll - Administrator Password Driver - Try integrate everything, and pack necessary apps inside rar exe. ( I will need help with this, since stupid EXE won't be installled during RunOnceEX, especially with ATI CCC setup. ) Remove - Vista's default wallpapers ( All of them are useless ) - Screensavers - Shared Picture, Video and Music Add - Mozilla Firefox, with packaged file contains the addons and theme - VLC Player or Zoom Media Player ( This will be replaced for Dell's MediaDirect and as well as Cyberlink's PowerDVD ) - Download manager, ( Change settings and no startup with anything at all ) - Macromedia Flash and Shockwave ( Silent, or prepackaged ) Service - Disable Indexing Services - Disable Tablet PC services - Disable Fax - Disable Offline Files - Disable ReadyBoost - Disable Security Center - Disable Tablet PC Input Service - Disable Themes - Disable Windows Defender - Disable Windows Time Windows Features - Uninstall - Indexing Services - Tablet PC Optional Components - Windows Fax and Scan - Windows Meeting Space - Windows Extras. Any ideas and suggestion? I can't really includes Windows Live Messenger, because if I do, i will have to redownload the new version every time. Also, if this is in wrong forum, feel free to move it to right place.
  10. Pooped. Thanks anyway. Thanks for your reply, Kelsenellenelvian.
  11. @gforce Yes, you are correct, I was asked to force accept the EULA before running on any of these Sscreensavers. ( Which it have to run the setup first ) I tried to place the EULA files to program files, but its not working. @wwtippyww Tried that. No differences.
  12. Exactly, When I move some screensaver to other computer, it just bringing the warning that I need to accept the EULA. I need to know HOW or WHERE to get the files or registries to make it accept the EULA. P.S. any suggestion on install monitoring than InstallSpy?

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