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Poll and Discuss Defragmentation Software


Defragmentation Software  

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  1. 1. Which do you reccomend?

    • Windows Default
    • Diskeeper
    • Raxco PerfectDisk
    • O&O Defrag
    • Piriform Defraggler
    • Auslogics Disk Defrag
    • DiskTrix UltimateDefrag
    • Sysinternals Contig / PageDefrag
    • JkDefrag
    • UltraDefrag
    • mst Defrag
    • Other
    • None

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Still voting for PerfectDisk. I've upgraded to the "for vmware" version recently (on Vista x64), which also defrags my VMs, without even having to install it in them. The Virtual Enterprise Ed is looking good too. It's still a lot better than Diskeeper and priced better too :yes:

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How about a test that shows if there is a performance gain after defragmenting?

In basic theory it should definitely help with reads scattered over a disc, since the header has to physically move between tracks; the whole process of which creates an access time. Then hopefully all the data is contiguous on that track so it doesn't have to go through the expensive process again. This doesn't pertain to SSD drives where the access time is virtually wirespeed and uniform.

These days it matters less with discs being generally faster, thus reduced latency, and having better seek logic such as NCQ. Also memory is relatively cheap, and Operating Systems like Vista have SuperFetch, so we need to access the disk less often.

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I have got to say, Windows XP's built in defragger works fine for me. It is simple, and although it can't do much really and only increases performance by a very small amount on my system, it does the job. On computers like mine which gets a registry clean, virus clean, spyware clean, driver sweep every time new drivers are installed etc, it doesn't do much but on slower PC's with a lot of junk on them it can help a bit. I have heard good thinks about diskeeper and will probably end up trying that out to get max performance.

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+1 Defraggler



:Low Level Defrag

:Defrag Free Space


No Page File Defrag

No Boot Defrag

No Registry Defrag

The fact that it is freeware, it makes up for all the cons. Besides it is more than sufficient for the average user!

Best paid defragmenter = Diskeeper

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