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  1. I am running an XFX 5770, it performance is decent for its price. Overclocks like a darl too...950Mhz and 1400 Mhz Core and Memory respectively using AMD Overdrive Make sure you get a genuine copy of Windows 7 to make use of all its capabilities.
  2. I went through many linux forums to see this question unanswered several times. Here's the problem: I'm running Linux Ubuntu 10.04, I downloaded the 90 day Enterprise version of Windows 7(Giving it a try). It is in the form of an ISO. What I want is to make a Bootable Windows 7 USB using the ISO I downloaded. There are several tools out there, but NONE of them allow us to make Bootable Windows USB Sticks 'From/Within Linux'. I'm running out of options as all my computers at home run Linux. Can somebody help me out? (Please don't suggest going to a friend's place, I am very busy)
  3. In Response To MSFN dev jaclaz #2 I Wish to use the USB stick as an install source and not as an install location. Hopefully to speed up the installation process. I plan on making Windows 7 my only OS on my computer. I have done it before using Windows(many times for friends)...But I just don't know how to do it in Linux. #1 I'm new to Linux...I have absolutely no clue about #1. I believe its a GRUB. But I wouldn't know for sure...All I want is my dear Windows back...So simple so easy to use. Even though this may not be a Linux forum I plead...you help me get Windows up and running. Please understand my situation...
  4. I believe this topic is out of place but since it involves Windows I decided to ask for help here. I decided to try Linux Ubuntu as my only OS. Now I have Linux installed and I want to switch to Windows 7 (which I used earlier)...There seem to be so many tools to create Bootable USB's for Linux (From Windows/From Linux) but there seem to be no tools for Windows (from Linux)... I have a Windows 7 ISO and I wish to create a bootable USB stick. I have a 4 gig USB drive and a Windows 7 x64 ISO... Can someone please show me how to create a bootable WINDOWS 7 USB FROM WITHIN LINUX? Sorry my English is horrible.
  5. Respected DigeratiPrime I Thank You Very Much.....I Narrowed Down The Problem To A Plugin.....Internet Download Manager's Advanced Integration Plugin.....I Removed The Program Totally. Respected Cluberti You Too Have Helped A Lot. Your Reply Will Help Me The Next Time I Encounter Another Problem, That Way I Can Create A Memory Dump And Get The Problem Fixed. I Thank Everyone For Their Quick Response, If Anyone Else Is Having The Same Problem Hope It Gets Fixed Soon. MSFN Has Been, Is And Forever Will Be There For Me To Fix Problems.....And Everything Else!
  6. Sorry For Not Mentioning.....Its The RTM Build.....MSDN/Technet ISO Untouched.....(No Unattended) x64 Edition!
  7. A Few Days Ago I Had Installed Windows 7.....Worked Fine No Problem.....Yesterday However I Opened My Browser And Noticed Everything Except The The Browser Window Hung.....Thinking That Somehow Some Really Intelligent Malware Got Into My Comp, I Formatted And Clean Installed Windows 7. Hoping No Problems I Ran Internet Explorer.....The Taskbar Froze The Millisecond The Browser Opened.....So Did All Background Windows And Activity But I Could Browse The Internet Without Any problems At All.....Im Very Strict When It Comes To What I Download And I Always Keep My Computer Malware Free.....(ESET NOD32 Antivirus[updated] +Windows Firewall [Outbound Protection Configured] Malware Cannot Escape A Format So What Is causing Trouble? A Summary Of Problem! 1: Tried Every Browser (Chrome/Firefox/Opera/IE8] 2: Taskbar/Background Windows Freeze The Millisecond The Browser Windows Opens. 3: Although Everything Freezes The Opened Browser Works Absolutely perfectly.....Does Everything Normally. 4: As Soon As I Minimize The Browser It Hangs Too. 5: Only Keyboard Response Is Alt+Ctrl+Delete Which takes Me To The Blue Page.....You Know....(Switch User, Task Manager, Lock) 6: All The Above Functions Are Useless Except LOG OFF.....Once Log Off And Log On Everything Works Perfectly.....As Long As I Dont Open Any Browser. 7: However If I Run A Browser And Everything Hangs(Except Browser) And I Close The Browser.....Everything Is Normal Again! 8: Sometimes If I Ignore The Background Hang And Continue Browsing.....After Some Time Everything Returns To Normal.....Sometimes. IT HAPPENS ONLY WITH THE EXECUTION ON ANY POSSIBLE BROWSER AND FIXES ITSELF ON BROWSER CLOSE!
  8. A Roundup Of All The Applications Working So Far Working Programs Only, Based On User Comments And Personal Test! ##System Security## Symantec Security ESET Smart Security 4 Norton Internet Security 2009 Avira Security Suite AVG Internet Security(Minor Issue) Ad-Aware Norton 360(Compatibility, Run As Admin) Avast Internet Security ##Media Player## Real Player VLC BSPlayer Media Player Classic Foobar2000(Advanced Plugins Not Tested) Winamp(Minor Issues) DivX Mediamonkey Quicktime Audacity PowerDVD ##Internet Browsers## Opera Firefox Google Chrome 2 Beta SRWare Iron Maxthon Apple Safari ##Utilities## Tuneup-Utilities 2009(As Mentioned By User, But I'm Having Trouble) CCleaner Ultimate Windows Tweaker Nero 9 Express Winrar 7-Zip Winzip Ultimate Defrag Power ISO UltraISO Defraggler CPU-Z GPU-Z Ashampoo Burning Studio Foxit Reader Adobe Reader Auslogics Disk Defrag Everest Ultimate Ultimate Defrag Unlocker O&O Defrag Power2Go Imgburn ##Messenger## Google Talk Windows Live Messenger Yahoo Messenger ##Misc Tools## SnagIt Wink ObjectDock LClock AnyDVD CloneDVD Virtual PC 2007(Minor Issues) uTorrent Limewire Orbit Downloader Steam Paint.NET Internet Download Manager Virtual Box Log Me In Irfan View Acronis True Image ##Yet To Be Tested## Open Office Oxygen Office iTunes AND MANY MORE.....
  9. I Feel Weird To Ask.....But How About Another Key To Restore Original Settings!
  10. +1 Defraggler Pros :Free :Low Level Defrag :Defrag Free Space Cons No Page File Defrag No Boot Defrag No Registry Defrag The fact that it is freeware, it makes up for all the cons. Besides it is more than sufficient for the average user! Best paid defragmenter = Diskeeper
  11. Microsoft has an article regarding this problem..... http://support.microsoft.com/kb/819017 If this does not work, then here is a registry fix to prevent automatic folder and file refresh.....(Number 157) http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/xp_tweaks.htm Once again number 157 Try It!
  12. @ Jaclaz Apologies If I Posted Wrong Or Irrelevant Information. But I Read Somewhere That You Have To Format The Flash Drive And Make The Partition Active.....Which Makes It Bootable?!? Is It So?
  13. Through BIOS! Enable Booting From Flash Drive..... Set Your BIOS to boot from the flash drive first! This will only be possible if your BIOS supports booting from Flash Drive! 1: Plug in your flash drive. 2: Press Del/F1 while at BIOS(key is unique to BIOS) 3: Go to boot device priority(boot tab on top) 4: Set boot device priority (flash drive first)(HDD Second) Also You Should Make Your Flash Drive Bootable!
  14. Windowblinds has a neat feature to make the background of folders (explorer.exe) translucent. Something like in the attachment. The background of the area of the gadgets is translucent..... Can I have similar effects while browsing folders in Vista? I've tried software like Chime2k but they dont have the cool Aero effects.
  15. Motherboard: Biostar TA790GX 128M (AMD 790GX) Processor: AMD Athlon 6000+ (3.0 GHz) RAM: OCZ 2N1066SR2GK (2*1GB DDR2 1066= 5-5-5-15) Graphics: Sapphire Radeon 4670 (512 MB) HDD: Western Digital (2*80 GB SATA II RAID 0) Mouse: Not Worth Mentioning Keyboard: Not Worth Mentioning PC Case: Seriously Not Worth Mentioning OS: Windows Vista Ultimate x86

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