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How Many MSFNers have a Windows Mobile Device/Phone

What kind of cellphone do you use?  

35 members have voted

  1. 1. What kind of cellphone do you carry?

    • Windows Based PDA Phone
    • Windows Based Smartphone
    • Non-Windows PDA phone
    • "Normal" non PDA Phone
    • Fruit Based PDA Phone
    • I don't have a cellphone.
  2. 2. Do you carry a PDA?

    • Yes. Windows Based PDA
    • Yes. Non-Windows Based PDA
    • No.

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I got a crappy old phone that only makes actual phone calls (no SMS, no email, no camera, no java, no mp3 player, no fancy OS or anything like that). And I don't think I've even bothered charging it once in the last 2 years :lol:

I don't have a use for one in the first place. I got a phone at home and on my desk at work, and my commute is only like 5 minutes too. My old mobile carrier expects to charge 70 cents/min for long distance calls (while I can get basic phone service with unlimited LD for $20 a month or less at home -- I couldn't talk a half hour on my mobile for $20!). And going with the new fancy phones, I'd get stuck with like a 3 year contract where I gotta pay like $70 or $80 monthly for a voice + data plan (several thousands of $ for something I got no use for in the first place)... Thanks, but no thanks!

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For personal usage, I had a regular old cell for years and it was fine and I had no issues (only using my smartphone for work). I finally bit the bullet and got an HTC Touch Pro on my last phone upgrade for personal use, as I find myself nowhere near my personal computer more and more often, and traditional phone calls are not the main way I keep up with family and friends any longer - it's now IM and email due to travel, time zone differences, etc.

I must say, the HTC has quite good battery life once I sprung for the 2000mA extended life battery, which gives me about 16-24 hours of moderate usage before I have to recharge. On the standard battery it was 8 hours of moderate use, although I can get the phone to last about 3 days if I try to stay off the internet and check mail manually (which I'm starting to get used to doing).

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yeah i think battery life is the biggest improvement over the pdaphone i had a few years ago (the PPC6600) i had an 65$ aftermarket battery that would get me 6 hours battery life if i rationed it properly. when i saw that the Epix said "7 hours talk" i was very skeptical but with light use, ive gone days without charging which i could do with my previous PDA even if it was in standby the whole time. with normal-heavy use I can still get through my day without a low battery warning. I almost ended up getting a HTC Fuze but I didnt think id find a case that would fit the back panel well (and it was 100$ more than the Epix which was already 100$ more than i had at the time)

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I went from Palm, to Windows Mobile, to BlackBerry, to Android (G1) and that's what I currently use/own. However I think a Windows Mobile forum would be appropriate as these devices share much in common with Windows in terms of software and networking; the System Center Mobile Device Manager itself almost would require it.

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I use an (htc) xda orbit, it takes most of a minute to boot, sometimes crashes or becomes unresponsive, and has to be switched on for the alarm to work.

And yet, I'd buy another.

I can't explain it...

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i wonder if im the only person who doesn't have a phone, i think theyre evil

How is that possible?, coverage isn´t that good over there or you are just against technology? ;).

Here in Mexico I can´t without a simple one, imagine you are out in the middle of (almost) nowhere and you need to make an emergency call...

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I have a standard Samsung T-Mobile cell phone and it has a camera. I think you can play music on it and use a memory card but I don't know. I'm actually an AT&T customer so the phone is pretty limited as well.

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