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But in real life; does it increase harddisk performance?

Yes, when it works it does, quite a bit. What happens is that the drive tells the OS driver that the write is completed once the entire file copy is either on disk or in cache, rather than ENTIRELY written to the disk - it will go back and flush the cache to the disk at a later point when it thinks the drive is idle and won't affect performance. This can drastically improve HDD utilization and performance, and make the system more responsive and hopefully faster. When it doesn't work, however, it can cause the system to be slower, so this was tested for in Win7's winsat because it does matter.

In other words; why did they put in the write back cache when it is decreasing performance?
What winsat is testing is the actual performance of the drive during load whilst write-back caching is enabled, and what the score is saying is that, in fact, the drive you have performs FAR better with write-back caching disabled. The reasons for this could simply be that the spindle(s) is/are too slow, or a poor hard disk controller on the system board, or the algorithm for write-back in the HDD firmware is not optimal, etc. A lot of times it's that the hard disk controller does a poor job of handling out-of-order flushes, or that it's actually slow to write (but not read) thus negating any benefit a write-back cache would give, etc. Note that this phenomenon is seen more often on laptop drives/chipsets and older desktop IDE/PATA drives rather than newer drives and chipsets, so keep that in mind.

But, this is much more a "real world" test than Vista's was, so the number is more accurate with the write-back test - your drive really is performing that much better under a "real-world" test with the caching disabled.

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Thanks for your clear explanation Cluberti.

I defenately will keep the write back cache disabled then ;)

So, then the performance of my laptop tested by the Win7 Performance Score: 4.5

Memory is the issue here....

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The rating system is not working correct on Win 7

New Computer

My Quad Core at 2.5 and 8 GB Ram it gets a 2 on Win 7


Old Computer

My Single Core P4 at 2.5 and 2 GB Ram it gets a 3.4 Win 7


My P4 3.0 with HT gets a 3.4 also.


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This is my stats. Pretty good actually. But I guess it will change when the sharp version of win7 comes out.

My score is the same as yours except my CPU and ram get a 7.3. (Overclocked Q9300 to 3.2Ghz and running 8GB of ram :whistle: )

It's nice to finally have a 6 but I feel like for the money I spent on this system it should have been 7 average. :angry:

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I get a crap 3 on win7 and yet cavveman get an 6 with almost the same specs.

It's not just the size of the disk, it's the type of disk and the speed. Lots of people go from 3 to 5.x or even 6.x numbers when disabling write caching, so if you don't get that big a bump you just simply have a slow hard disk.

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