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Lowest RAM usage you've ever achieved?


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usualy around 30-40mb with wlan drivers and sound drivers..

look at pic I uploaded ^_^

btw, I could have done alot of other things such as have 16bit graphics instead of 32bit to lowe it even more.. but I chose not to.

edit: ncm, cant upload bmp's...

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There is a similar thread in the HFSLIP section of this forum.

(or at least was, can´t find find it right now...)

Am pretty interested in this topic too, even though I´m on W2K (but XP will be on my machine soon).

btw. for arcade emu I´m using daphne, ´cause there is nothing, that beats the old classics :

dragon´s lair and space ace ;)


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Drivers change memory usage a lot.

For instance, in vmware, vmware tools increase memory usage by 5 to 10MB (not the tools, only the drivers). Nvidia drivers on real install, by as much as 20MB (and probably even more now).

And so on.

19 MBs is unachievable (practically) except if you deal with RAM usage and not memory usage, i.e. you use swap.

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Is it http://www.msfn.org/board/I-can-t-get-XP-t...AM-t116422.html ?

Btw, I've taken a look at some (now old) screenshots and in a virtual machine, having nod32, vmware tools (including the tray application) and drivers installed with driverpacks adds about 35MB of memory usage. Non-virtual machine drivers add even more (so much that if you claim a certain memory usage, you have to specify whether it is virtual machine or not).

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