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  1. Thanks I Googled that up and found ATAPWD 1.2 is on the Hi___'s boot CD. (When you boot from the CD it's under DOS tools) So I tried that, but it did not see the hard drive ------------------------------- (edited to be kosher) Sorry I did not realize that was warez
  2. Thanks for the replies fellas I was able to get 2 drives working by trying to format them with a Win XP CD (that has sata drivers added) 2 Hitachi drives are giving me trouble, each sata 250 GB, I try to test them with "Hitachi Drive Fitness Test boot CD" and the program says "Device is password protected and can not be tested" I also tried dban boot CD on one and it ran for 4 hours with less than 1% being complete. So I quit it. Any ideas ? Thanks, Craig from Maine
  3. Hello from Maine, I have some hard drives that were formerly in a striping raid array. I am not able to use them as single drives now. I tried to bring them back to life with Acronis Disk Director program, but no luck. How can I get these drives going again ? Thanks! Craig
  4. By the way, is there anyway to use XP explorer in Vista and Win7 ?
  5. Oh thanks, I found instructions : http://www.windowsnetworking.com/articles_tutorials/Disable-Shutdown-Event-Tracker-Windows-2003.html
  6. That's good to know thanks I guess I'll need to go 64bit !
  7. So for example, MAME32 and QUAKE 3 ARENA couldn't enjoy 32 GB of RAM in Windows Enterprise 2003 ? Am I forced to go with Windows Vista and Windows 7 ? I miss the XP style windows explorer
  8. oops can someone move this to the Nlite forum (doh!)
  9. Hello from Maine I like XP SP3 I make it skinny with Nlite then pump it up with driverpacks. But XP has a 4 GB ram limit, so I've been tinkering with Windows 2003 Enterprise which can use a whopping 64 GB of RAM, apparently. So far I have it Nlite'd and tweaked to resemble Windows XP, but when I go to shut it down there is a big procedure I don't like. Can I slipstream a faster shutdown routine into Win 2003 using Nlite ? Or modify it somehow ? Thanks! Craig
  10. OK, I shrunk the content enough to fit on a CD and sure enough it boots in the problematic computer Apparently some old bios will not accept DVD as a bootable media, only CD.
  11. Thanks I'll try that I am glad to know there isn't a specific component I am removing that is causing the problem edit : well, just burning the DVD with Nlite did not solve the problem I can only deduce that some older computer's bios are only willing to boot CD and not DVD I'll try making another XP with driverpacks but no video, sound, and 3rd party drivers (those are pretty big) in an effort to fit it on a CD
  12. Disclaimer : Personal use only, I obey every law without question, I respect every dictator, I am a mindless consumer. Anyway, I am using Nero to burn the disks. Come to think of it, maybe I should try to fit it on a CD and maybe I should try burning it with Nlite (?) I guess I should have tried that before posting LOL But the DVDs I make do work on most computers, that's why it's funky. OK thanks, Craig
  13. Hello from Maine, I make a nice skinny XP SP3 with driverpacks, I really like it. Most computers will boot it, but occasionally I get a real rebellious computer that will boot a factory XP SP2 CD, but not a burned Nlite'd DVD. And yes these are DVD rom drives LOL. What am I removing that is causing this ? Are there any removable components that aid in a bios accepting the disk as a boot source ? Thanks, Craig

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