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  1. I moved it to the raid folder and it worked exellent now, both in virtual pc and regular pc. The mistake was that i thought the sisraid.sys (in lower case) was the same file that was outside the Raid folder (in upper case) but i did what you told me moving it to the the raid folder. And or forgot that virtual pc existed (dumb of me) and was using a cd-rw media to test every windows xp image,
  2. I moved txtsetup.oem file to raid411a\RAID411a\FloppyImage\964plus180(181)\RAID\180\winxp <----in the winxp folder what i did was "single driver" and browse in that folder. The a list of drivers came up (text mode) ranging from 32 bits to 64 bits. I picked windows xp 32b driver. Should i use the folder 964_180 or the 964plus180(181) ?? can you tell me step by step what to do. If you need a screen picture of the list of drivers i mean i can take one. The message i got was "sisraid.sys not found" or something similar but i'm sure was about an sisraid.sys file.
  3. Some time ago i did a good slim version with integrated sata drivers but now i don't remember what i did and i'm trying to do a good windows copy. My sata chipset is SiS 180 as device manager shows right now. I downloaded this package http://www.sis.com/download/ (you have to check manually Windows XP-->SATA & RAID-->SATA & RAID--> and "GO" for download. That package comes with a lot of folders. I used the one named floppy image which contains an TXTSETUP.OEM file. Can someone guide me on what to do? what files is the one i need to integrate or put what file in what folder. The image was integrated with SP3, the cd booted well but after files of setup was loading i got a "sisraid.sys not found". I created the image with the Unnatended mode - prompt repair My motherboard is P4S800D-X Config2009.ini
  4. MS Paint not showing

    Ah dumb me, i forgot that option when inserting the cd, i'll try and let you know.
  5. MS Paint not showing

    Is not in Add\Remove components and did a search for mspaint but couldn't find it on the hard drive. Is there a way to install it from the original cd even if i can't add it from add\remove components? i attached the last session.ini for review. LAST_SESSION.INI
  6. MS Paint not showing

    I didn't noticed before that i don't have microsoft paint, it seems it was checked for removed by mistake because is not showing in add\remove components in control panel either. Is there anyway to install it without doing a new nlite copy of xp? everything else is working 100%, is just that issue and i need it.
  7. problem accessing the internet

    You are suppose to integrate your PCI or integrated LAN drivers into the nlited xp if you removed the one that came with xp if im correct. otherwise you need to reinstall them after xp is installed. At least that what i did and worked.
  8. Need to remove Welcome Screen

    I did now a non unnatended (no repair prompt) installation and worked perfectly, it only took 7 minutes and 30 seconds to install. it seems the problem is when using prompt repair or GUI installation with sp3, i can't confirm but is what i tested.
  9. Need to remove Welcome Screen

    Ok, i did it but the welcome screen keep appearing. Is this a problem because of SP3?
  10. Need to remove Welcome Screen

    Is there anyway to remove the "welcome screen" and getting the classic logon in nlite before creating the image?
  11. Lowest RAM usage you've ever achieved?

    Like 40MB but it was testing installation so i did not installed more programs or applications.
  12. Urgent Can't install XP Pro

    Thanks ,i did it and integrated perfectly now. The problem was that those drivers from Asus for the sata controllers are not in the same folder as the oemsetup file or the one that is needed for text mode. But now i have a new problem. I filled the blanks for full computer name, workgroup and created a user account besides the administrator that appears. The thing is that when is installing, it ask me for full computer name and workgroup anyway and the other problem is that i configured the desktop\screen settings to 800x600 32bits depth..etc and integrated the nvidia drivers which worked good, but not the configuration. After installation completed i had to manually do it.
  13. Urgent Can't install XP Pro

    Im trying to install a slipstreamed xp pro everything goes good until when you need to install or format but it saying that theres no hard drive. I integrated the sata drivers but is not working it seems. What can be the problem? how to integrate this drivers properly http://dlsvr03.asus.com/pub/ASUS/misc/ide/sisraid105.zip
  14. When i press integrate i get a the following source type is not supported: Windows XP Professional" what happens?