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  1. Hi, Alles Gute zum Geburtstag :)

  2. @2696-686 Thanks ! The links are good ! Will edit the previous post right now. (done, it´s @2696-686 now) Agi
  3. @2696-686 Thanks for the clarification ! I´m still getting the 403 on .de. What happened to the database, after the domain was sold ? On .org there was a T-com ad, telling the site is under redecoration. Now it´s up again !!! (this second) Agi
  4. ... and modified one of them. Read, don´t ask or push the tread! Agi
  5. Some cleaningtools provide the option : remove empty folders It´s not applicable to nlite, I think. (or there will be another reboot) The problem is windowsbased. Even if SFC and WFP are switched off, you can´t simply remove systemfolders. Your list is pretty nice for a really slimmeddown XP. But : You won´t be able to play japanese games (IME/ applocale) or use older (16bit) software. Agi
  6. Hi everyone ! What is happening ? Don´t know, what struggles are behind the curtains. The "german-nlite.de" domain was for sale until 2 hours ago, now it´s 403 (forbidden) ! The "german-nlite.org" went down 30 minutes before. Whatever it is : PLEASE settle it, without inconveniance towards the members ! Agi
  7. You can disable it completely. HKLM, System, CurrentControlSet, Control, SessionManager, MemoryManagement from 0 (on) to 1 (off). THX to BuckFix @ winhelpline.info Agi
  8. Kind of. Can just speak for W2K right now, since my XP still waits, to be nlited. Windows suggests, as minimum, about 1.5 times of actual RAM-size for the pagefile. Have 3GB RAM now (just upgraded from 1GB), the minimum was suggested to be min and max 1.5GB before, it suggests 4.5GB for the pagefile now.. Never used more then 512MB though... (that´s, why I set it to 512MB and kept it) Waste of space ! That´s why I got RAM, so Windows shall use it ! Since I´m working with GIMP and Blender, there has to be a big temp-folder, of cause. (basically, half of my IDE-HDD, just for this purpose) The funny part about it is : It always worked without problems. (with more RAM, definitely faster, but same settings) But Windows increased the values dynamically, without any performance-gain ! (tested it, in several different setups, on my testpartition un-nlited) Same amount of pagefile used, same processor workload, same task, same speed... The only noticable (but neglectable) performance-gain was, when W98SE was installed on the IDE-HDD (C:), W2K and XP on the RAID0 (D:). The pagefiles were cross (D: for C: and vice versa). Agi
  9. @Redhatcc Well, my Amiga500 does it all the time. Agi
  10. Don´t try to create an XP-CD on Vista ! Get rid of Vista first, install XP and framework, just to run nlite. You shouldn´t be connected to the net, while doing this ! Fernando made pretty good tutorials, how to get rid of preinstalled Vista, as did several others, who I also appriciate. Agi
  11. Yes, of course ! You tried to copy the WHOLE /i386 folder ! Where is the running system located ? Where shall the nlited CD install to ? Shall it be a backup? If not : Why are you using nlite to modify the /i386 folder, if you´re replacing it anyway ? Agi Hammerklau
  12. You weren´t vague ! It´s exacly, what I´m asking myself, since starting with nlite. Except for a couple of members, who are in both fora, the rest maybe heard of hfslip, but does not even know TommyP or FDV. Agi Eddi T. says : Please no doubleposts ! That´s, what the "Editbutton" is for.
  13. Hi ! Well, we don´t know it either. What about editing and underlaying the link to the notebook ? On this notebook ? What choice ? That´s where we definitely need the last_session.ini You´re sure, you didn´t install W98SE ? (sorry, couldn´t help it) Sounds, like Nuhi should expand the keep-compatibility option by "notebook/ laptop" ?! Agi
  14. Two basic recommendations : 1. Don´t work on the desktop ! Especially the zipped addons exceed the 255-letter-limit easily. Even if you´re logged in with adminrights, sometimes applications are not capable of using your desktoppath (depending on rightsmanagement). 2. Don´t use a VM, if you think, it´s a driverproblem ! VMs are just emulating the drivers. They don´t really use the slipstreamed ones. Several guys tested in VMs, ran into problems, but the real install was flawless. So better use a spare testpartition. Agi Eddi T. says : 1.Working on the desktop is even worse in a VM, because the whole path to the VM is internally added to the pathname. The rightsmanagement in VMs is also pretty weird and far from real (especially regarding desktop), as I found out while testing the last nliteCD. 2.As far as I remember (please correct me, if I´m wrong) QEMU was at least using the drivers, that were installed in the running host system.
  15. You don´t need the SP5 to fix the 137GB boundary. There is an option to enable biglba in nlite already. Don´t know, how HFSLIP does it, but it´s using reg.exe from supportfolder. (support\tools\support.cab) That´s where it may get tricky. Just used Acronis DiskDirector a couple of days ago, to partition my 160GB PATA-HDD. The GB-barrier was fixed before. Acronis messed it up again and I was stuck with 137GB, until I reenabled largelba manually. Agi

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