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Plans for USP 5.2


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OK it is now begun Thanks to a couple of people who may wish to remain anonymous. (Unless they post so)

Here is my plans for 5.2 of the USP

LBA support

Coupla extras (Like TweakUI and 256 color Start tray icons)


DX 9.0c

0 updates showing on MU\WU.

I do have a couple of questions for all of you though.

#1 Adminpack.msi Can I dump this since it is a fully optional use tool, it doesn't even install with windows 2000. I can keep it as a seperate download.

#2 I need some testers.

#3 Anyone still around that helped with the original pack?

I am starting over from a base sp4 so time to send me those obscure patches\hotfixes you guys have that will be needed for a complete install for you.

I would like to thank the person that sent me the compiler and the person who made the .ini .inf file optimizer for me.

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You don't seem to be getting many replies, so I will volunteer to be a USP 5.2 tester, if needed.

Also you have my vote to keep adminpak as optional.

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i think its just best to make the adminpack.msi an optional download. it will also save 14 megs off of USP 5.2. i wouldn't mind testing it either. im actually trying to bring a standard sp4 up to date for my work. im trying to do it with out USP 5.1 because i think it was causing some problems with the other hotfixes i was integrating.

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I'll happily test it, as I was going to try and figure out (a while ago) how to remake the USP, or continue Gurglemeyer's work... I never got any further than looking into the basics of what needed to be done.

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i almost have my copy of sp4 cd completely up to date. if you like i can post all the hotfixes and cab files i used if it will help you out.


i got the sp4 cd up to date. the only updates that are there are the optional .net 1.1 and 2.0. of course once those are installed there will be updates for them.

Edit 2.

here are the hotfixes and cabs i added. i 7z the files into 3 archives here are the links

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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what drivers keep having a unsigned driver policy error and is there anything like the ignore driver siging policy that you can enable with and unattended setup or even have the usp modify the winnt.sif.

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