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  1. It's not an error. That message is normal when you use an "Upgrade" version of XP disc. Examples of "Upgrade" versions: CD Label: VRMPCCP_EN...........Description: Windows XP Professional (SP2) Upgrade CD Label: VRMHCCP_EN...........Description: Windows XP Home (SP2) Upgrade All you need to do is insert an older version of windows CD in the cd drive and it will continue the installation of your new XP OS.
  2. nothing wrong with nlite. just ignore that boastful person.
  3. well, Kelsenellenelvian has earned my respect because he has always been professionally calm and patient in replying my annoying / demanding posts. when a hero sharing solutions to others finally burst into tears because of an annoying/ demanding/ self-righteous jerk, people will laugh.
  4. it's ok man if it cannot be done. anyway, there are not so many w2k followers anymore, so it's not really worth your effort. i'll just make do with kurt's "up-to-date" stuff. between kurt's and onepiece post sp4 pack, i'd prefer kurt's. i've tried onepiece post sp4 pack and i've had these:- unsigned driver error - some weird behaviours. - and most importantly, my pc runs very very slow. but if i use usp5.1 + kurt's "up-to-date"; - my pc runs faster and stable. - no error no offence, just to share my experience.
  5. ---- ----- ----- ---- -----
  6. I think his heart is in RyanVM stuff, not here. so probably 2010 will be appropirate.
  7. it's useless having the capability without time and sincerity on this work. better to let this die than staining gurgelmeyer's work.
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