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  1. [Release] Adobe Reader 9.0 Lite

    If you're seeking English, MajorGeeks and SoftPedia both carry it. If you want a language other than English, state exactly what you want and hopefully, someone other than me (because I use dialup) will post it to your desired file server. shark yes, i'm seeking for english, sorry i didn't mention. thanks a lot, i'll go and look for it there.
  2. sorry for n00b questions: - where is the "answer file" ? - what is "office admin kit"
  3. Is there anyone here knows how to change the product key inside the admin install source of office 2003 ?
  4. [Release] Adobe Reader 9.0 Lite

    it looks very nice and i want to try it. big problem, i cannot download from links. it would be great if you can upload somewhere easy. here's one: http://www.filecrunch.com/
  5. Plans for USP 5.2

    i'm feeling very excited already. i'll happily test it too.
  6. Hotstream subforum revisions

    Just curious, who will continue the work left by gurglemeyer?
  7. HFSLIP (original thread)

    A wishful thinking on my side, I'm just an ordinary user. I can install windows, use productivity applications. But when it comes to cmd, registry, networking, I'M ZERO. It would be wonderful if an (exe) file is made that would do everthing (downloading hotfixes then integration) Of course with interaction with user. The user can take care of burning. Please pardon me, if you find that I don't know what I'm talking about. Just ignore it if you're annoyed by this. Thanks toyrum
  8. W2K Pro Install

    some more question (if you won't mind) 1) what's the purpose of that VIRUS GUARD in bios if "enabling" it causes problem?
  9. W2K Pro Install

    hey boooggy, Your tricks work man. it seems ok now. you're awesome!!! thank you very much
  10. W2K SP4 reboots without notice

    I've done a clean install again. This time, i've disabled bios virus-guard before set-up. I think that was the cause of windows malfunction. Now seems fine but i'm still monitoring. if same problem happens again , i'll folllow your advice. Thank you all guys
  11. W2K SP4 reboots without notice

    thanks rikgale what is this memtest86 and prime95. where to get them?
  12. Ultimate Freeware Machine

    for pdf viewing only, try this. really loads faster http://www.snapfiles.com/freeware/system/fwpdftools.html
  13. W2K SP4 reboots without notice

    In case you cannot read. Date: 5/28/2005 Source: Save Dump Type: Information User: N/A Event ID: 1001 Description: The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bug check was: 0x0000000a (0xff9ce7cc, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0x8044842f). Microsoft Windows 2000 [v15.2195]. A dump was saved in: C:\WINNT\Minidump\Mini052805-01.dmp.
  14. hello, i'm running w2k sp4 i've been using this pc for 3 years without problem until last month. i use my pc at an average of 2 - 3 hours a day. 1) it always reboots once or twice without notice, just like i press reset button. 2) my SPYBOT-SEARCH&DESTROY-TEA-TIMER always detect change of my anti-virus program EXE file, i always select "deny change". i've already done 3-times re-format & reinstall this month but still have same problem. Just now, i've checked event viewer - system log: anybody have an idea what is this. any help would be great.
  15. W2K Pro Install

    thanks booogy. i'll check it out.