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  1. Not 3.1, but 3.11.. mostly for old games that were written for 3.1x, like SimTower.
  2. Bleeder

    Java 8 in XP.

    Update 11 still works for Minecraft under XP, but I also cannot get it to work in a browser. I noticed there is no longer an option to disable the next generation plugin or Java quick starter in the control panel, so I wonder if it's installing everything properly.
  3. Is there anything like FineSSE for MMX? I have some older Pentium non-MMX machines that are unable to run some applications that require MMX.
  4. Anyone have SH95UPD v0.0.8 beta? I can no longer find it anywhere.
  5. Yes, but the original post talked about dual-booting into XP, so at least the games could be played there.
  6. As you said something about playing recent games, an ATI card is going to be a bad choice if any of your games need (or would look better with) shader model 3.0 support. The x8xx series cards do not support SM 3.0. The x1xxx cards do support SM 3.0, but they have no drivers for Win9x/ME. I discovered this the hard way when I purchased BioShock three years ago :-(
  7. Radeon 9700 Pro is the best option that I've found for 3.3v AGP slots. Edit: I think 9800 Pro or 9800 XT may also work, but I never had one to try :-( Good luck!
  8. TeamViewer is free for personal non-profit use, and works great on Windows 98. Better than any flavor of VNC in my experience.
  9. What about rpxbeta3? See Tihiy's Aug 27 post. Is it more stable than rpxbeta2?
  10. WPA is also easily hackable. Today it was hacked by Japanese researchers within a minute. There will be a conference next month to discuss the details (Check today's tech news over at Yahoo.). You really want WPA2 if you're concerned about being hackable.
  11. Going with this argument, I might be ok with this idea if Windows NT and Office 97 get the same treatment. I.e. archive the merged nt4/2000/2003 forum and start fresh as the 2000/2003 forum (same for the merged office 97/2000/2002-XP/2003/2007 forum).
  12. What about VirtualPC? I remember VirtualPC 7 ran WinXP halfway decent on my old iMac running OS 10.2. Hopefully it would run Win98 halfway decent?
  13. Thank you for clarifying. ComputerWorld is so very misleading
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