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[Desktops] 2008


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I've edited your post above to show the image. On this forum, grab the "Thumbnail for Forums (1)" from Imageshack. I just uploaded an image, and the BBcode looks like this:


The result, when you simply paste it directly into your post, is this:


Hope this helps. :)

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My desktop for August...

Went to see the new Batman, and I was blown away by the performance of Heath Ledger.

I thought all the talk about his performance was because he died a tragic death..but let me tell you, he did GREAT!

This is my tribute to the late Heath Ledger, may you rest in peace!


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mr.brownstone, what theme are you using for your WinXP partition? Is there a black variation of it?

(Asking since I'm planning to use another bootup screen from the Darkside one: http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?sho...&hl=logonui . This is the one I'm planning to switch to: http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?sho...c=4184&st=0 --> Windws XP SP3 black. It matches :) !!)

Is there anychance I can contact the author and ask for him/ her to include the user picture in the start menu?

Thanks a lot :) !!

EDIT:: If you'd like to, you can probably use the boot up screen here: http://007tinar.deviantart.com/art/RONAK-85892384 --> matches your blue.

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So I sat here just surfing the net with my 1 year old boy on my lap and came across these Stickers icons, and the little one just started to laugh and laugh.

So I decided to make a desktop with these "funny" icons, and he couldnt stop looking at my desk hehe.

It was pretty funny...so if you have a young one, let him take a look at my desk lol.



@happy-dude, you can get the VS here.

There are all the colors for the VS watercolor emico.

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And mine.. Wrote down info in screenshot..

Had to set jpeg quality to 22, because of single upload size limit on forum =(

I like very simple desktop, and gray everything gui is a must.

This is how it looks upon finished windows installing.

Suggestions to improvements welcome.


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