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  1. I know TuneUp does the trick under XP, but can't see this option under 98SE. Is there any registry key for me? thanks in advance
  2. ohh thanks, sorry late reply, but where should I configure uberskin so that it shows transparency instead of color?
  3. Norton Utilities Registry Cleaner and no more slowness, detects all the missing keys, but not free i did the trick with this one, but i got tuneup so there is no need to keep them both
  4. i'll post a screenchot whenever i have free time it works!!!! doesn't make a lot of improvements, but loads faster thanks 4 teh input m8
  5. hola, que tal, yo soy boliviano, somos casi coterraneos, me da mucho gusto darte la bienvenida, espero que disfrutes tu estancia!!! Solo por casualidad, que te trajo hasta aquí? ------------------- Hi, how are you?, i'm from bolivia, we are almost neighbors, nice to welcome you, hope you enjoy your stay!!! I'm just curious, what brought you here?
  6. aaahhhh, ok, thanks a lot, i see it's not free anymore but i give my ways. I got RealVNC 4 thanks again, later.
  7. legacy... ^^ teh 98SE PC, XPSP2 not changed, not much...
  8. Can somebody tellme where to tweak so that I can get transparent desk icon labels? I know Revolutions Pack 7 does the trick, but i'm not gonna use it for my old 98SE. Also, is there any SAFE way to change boot screen besides tihiy's WLL? later
  9. Hi all. I'm trying to share my Internet connection from my New comp with XP SP2 to my Old 98SE, but the problem comes out when I want to browse out of google (default homepage). First I thought it was FireFox 3 suckin my CPU, but running IE6 didn't browse also, so I decided to boot into XP SP2 and works like a charm. Do you know anything about how to fix it? I ran netsetup.exe and didn't do anything. IP configs are properly configured. DHCP (or w/e it is) runs like normal. File sharing works 100% thanks in advance.
  10. ahhhh, OK, where can i get it? I don't know anything about this program, not even what does VNC stands for Nice avatar /post
  11. I can't much of the "wow" about Vista look. Also that's Vista Basic I have your Xstyle skin pack for LameSkin, it's pretty good. The taskbar from this one doesn't fit the Vista style though. are you gonna create a "fusion concept" about 98VE? [vista edition]
  12. I'm dual booting my old Pentium II-based PC with XP SP2 and 98SE, but I have another PC with XP SP2 and sometimes it's boring to go computer by computer for configs and stuff. I want to remotely control my 98SE system via LAN connection, but XP's system wont work with it, obviously. Can U pleaz help me? thanks
  13. yep, it does whoever doesn't have Revolutions Pack installed, please use the code drugwash' posted later
  14. come on, it's illegal to sell copies of it. technocally it's "illegal" to install the OS with same CD and license serial on two or three PCs, but who's gonna respect that?? nobody!!!!!, if you bought a win98 CD and have three old computers, you wont buy another two CDs. It's illegal to spread your serial key/number, because the CD itself can't be usid without it. In fact, what you bought to MS was the serial key, if you want to use the same CD on sevral machines, you'll need to buy another serial ------------------------------ omg mah english sux
  15. just keep on TuneUp 2007 2008 doesn't have anything useable for 98, just a new GUI that uses lots of resurces
  16. yep, he is not posting anything related to warez, he wants to know when does it become warez
  17. the "funny icon" entry will just remove the shortcuts, not the app.
  18. OK, bite me. i'm being asked to switch to NOD32 all the time, and they claim for full virus detection. I had it pre-installed with my OEM, and guess what, sucked... Funny, every single flash drive comes with a trojan/infostealer that NOD32 doesn't detect. Norton kills them all. AVG keeps telling "threat sucessfully revomed", the funny part is that won't stop 'till i delete the file by my own i'd respect other's choice ------------------------------------------------------------- Norton is pretty good for my home use. I use XP on my PC, 98SE is in the old one.
  19. ~HOW TO MAKE UPTIME GADGET WORK~ As you may have noticed, uptime gadget, a.k.a. shutdown panel gadget doesn't work at all with Windows9x. First, you need to have Revolutions Pack 7 installed, it's necessary to work because it bundles a XP-like shutdown applet. As it's almost a "port" for Windows9x, contains most of the XP shutdown.exe functions. You need to: 1.- Run Vista RainBar v4 2.- Open gadget gallery and run uptime gadget (you can always load it from rainmeter's menu) 3.- right click the gadget, go to "skin options", and click "edit skin" EDIT FUNCTIONS.- It's really important to do NOT
  20. if you can get a working GFX card that supports both Win98 and COD4, maybe. also, take care of Ur RAM
  21. I like norton 'coz detects almost everything. don't like AVG NOD32 doesn't detect anything the closest thing would be panda, but hoggs too much resources
  22. I have KernelEx, 0.3.5, and yes, i can run xp-only apps. I'll try that dependencies walker. thanks @thydreamwalker: some programs are XP-only too, i'm running some of them, thanks to KEx.
  23. my XP for ending july: SideBar: AveDesk 1.3 wigh AveScripter, which holds my own desklets Theme: Windows X's Aero Glass beta 2 light *tweaked* Wallpaper: uh, Vista garden? Icons: Obviously Vista Dock: RocketDock 1.3.5 Tools: TransBar, Y'z Shadow. /post
  24. you may need to create it from windows
  25. do ya hav system file update feature? (for windows update updates) ----------------- tienes actualización de archivos? (para archivos actualizados por windows update)
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