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  1. Compatible Hardware with Windows 9x

    Win98 (not SE) was installed on Phenom X3 processor, motherboard Gigabyte GA-Ma770 DS3. But i had some errors during the setup, and i had no cursor on desktop, BUT IT WORKED!! ON SATA II DRIVE, WITH PCI-E 2.0 CARD and so on. Of course, I returned to XP.
  2. I have P4 and 512 MB Ram. I decided to install w2k and xp together. The problem is, when I open any video file, my computer is freezing and I need about 10 minutes to open task manager and close this process! I'm using Media Player Classic. In winXP I have no problems playing videos
  3. Core 2 Quad & Win XP no SP

    Does Win XP without Service Packs see all 4 cores?
  4. Windows NT 4.0

    For example, there are unofficial win9x drivers for GF 7x and 8x, and I want to find for NT 4.0 And will NT 4.0 see all 4 GB of ram, or only 3.25 gb?
  5. GF3 and Vista

    Can I install vista on PC witj GeForce 3 Ti 200 128 mb? Will I have Windows Aero?
  6. Burning 1GB or 2GB files on Win9X

    All of my DVD's, where is data, in properties of the disk there will be only 1,99 GB, but all data on the disk can be read. For CD/DVD burning, use programs like nero6 or other. Also you can burn Dual-Layer DVD's without any problems. (I noticed, that burning CD/DVD's on Win98 is slower, than burning on WinXP )
  7. Windows NT 4.0

    How many ram can see this OS? Will it run on dual-core machine? And, are there any drivers for new videocards, like GF 8600 GT? (may be unofficial?)
  8. sveiki

    Hi, I'm from Latvia. I am very interested in all computer technologies. There is a lot of useful materials here! Thanx a lot!
  9. win98 & USB HDD in NTFS

    Oh, I forgot to ask, i heared about win9x problem with hard drives over 137 GB. Is there any problem with usb hdd like this?
  10. win98 & USB HDD in NTFS

    will it work? what drivers i must 2 install?
  11. Compatible Hardware with Windows 9x

    Windows 95 has timing problems with CPU speeds higher than 350 Mhz. What it will write on screen, if cpu speed is ~ 2 ghz?
  12. Windows ME

    Will Win me install on 2 core processor and will it run on 1 gb ram without limiting vcache and memory? And I want to know your opinion of this OS