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DriverForge v5.0! - An Automatic Driver Installer


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I have downloaded the newest nightsly of Sound-Packs (DP_Sound_A_wnt5_x86-32_90902.7z and DP_Sound_B_wnt5_x86-32_90903.7z). I want to use DriverForge to install the drivers in a unattended setup procedure of Windows XP SP3 (German).

DriverForge detect and want to install "C-Media AC97 Audio Device" and bring up a message box to confirm.

Can someone say, what ist wrong? Is it possible to install the Soundcard without the prompting message box?

Thank you for your help


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Please, can anyone explain me how to use this great program?

i compiled the program with autoit

i put the driverpacks drivers uncopressed in one folder called driver

then i run the program

and how can i make the program install the drivers on my computer


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Sorry, i was downloading another program, i forgot do scrool down :D

many thanks

it will be possible to speed up the process to find the hardware?

it take for about 8 minutes searching for the drivers before starting the installation.

I have in my root usb disk the driverforge and a folder called drivers (with driverpacks inside)

What is the path that i put in the driverforge without changing every time i use in another pc, i've try it only "drivers" but doesn't work.

i need to search every time for the drivers folder before start


Congratulations for this great software, it works 100%

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I need something right sample dgconfig.ini.

For my bad English, I don't understand how to write right paths in dgconfig.ini.

With my bad english, I understand like below.Is this right or wrong?

I want to use DriverPacks.net files and make them into 7zip SFX file, is it possible?













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Maybe I am missing something, but Drivergeek is grabbing some of the drivers and ignoring some others.

I know the ones I have hosted on the network work, because I can manually point the device to them and they work fine. Think of any reason why this is?

I've even tried putting all the drivers onto a usb key but it just looks at them and ignores them. I can manually install them, but that defeats the goal here.

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In Portable Windows 7 PE I used with succes dpinst.exe combined with dpinst.xml to update and install all missing drivers.

As source I used wn6-x86 DriverPacks extracted to 1.5 GB folder x86 on portable 2.5 inch USB-HDD drive

In this case DriverGeek (driverguru) failed to install all drivers.

See post #236 in


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