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  1. Geej, I have another question. Does onepiece dotnet addon should go to hfaao? After hfslip works done, where can I find it's files? I can't find any onepiece addon files in i386, and sourcess folder size is 639MB only, is this right? I think hfslip ignore onepiece addon. p.s. my computer have not been installed any dotnets I am sorry, I'll try again.
  2. Thankyou, Geej. I am going to try your 2 advices, anyway they must be english dependency, too.
  3. I am Korean. I have seen a forum where they say language dependency dotnet addons may bring errors installing some applications. Onepiece True addon looks good, but I love hfslip's way.
  4. I need some help. Because of almost closed snmsynth, I have searched other addon maker or dotnet addons for few days. With googling, I found Rogspear's homepage and dotnet addons by user_hidden. There are new exe and 7z addons, but I don't know where to put in the hfslip exactly. I need just 1.1sp1 and 2.0sp2. If someone who has been used before them, please help me. Bellow are my thoughts. 1. 2 exe addons in HF 2. 2 7z addons in SVCPACK 3. 1.1sp1.exe is in HF, 2.0sp2.exe is in GUIRUNONCE 4. 1.1sp1.7z is to SVCPACK, 2.0sp2.exe is to GUIRUNONCE 5. other ways. and what is your dotnet addon maker? and Where I can find it?
  5. I need something right sample dgconfig.ini. For my bad English, I don't understand how to write right paths in dgconfig.ini. With my bad english, I understand like below.Is this right or wrong? I want to use DriverPacks.net files and make them into 7zip SFX file, is it possible?
  6. For my bad English, I don't understand how to write right paths in dgconfig.ini. With my bad english, I understand like below.Is this right or wrong? I want to use DriverPacks.net files and make them into 7zip SFX file, is it possible?
  7. Rogon3

    Beta J Download

    Thanks, Nolzi, Archer and specially to The HFSLIPs.
  8. Rogon3

    Beta J Download

    Please upload /HFSLIP/HFTOOLS/*.* files. I lost all file, my HDD dead.
  9. I know how hard to manage such forums. so I understand why. I had to search before asking, and read more carefully. Don't mind
  10. Thank you, FDV. I'm just tested only english version. It looks simple, lite, and feels something missed.
  11. Thankyou and sorry, Martin H and tommyp. hard for me, I'm just beginner. but I really want to... This is for me and my old notebook. Thanks and sorry again, but I love HFSLIP and you who help others.
  12. I have language problem, when installing, and using w2k with sp5 file set. Needs : Korean Language files Thankyou. p.s. If I make w2ksp5 CD with english version w2k, can I add Korean files after installing in the regional options ?
  13. I appreciate your easy and kind help. I followed your advice, but the same err msg showed, so I redownloaded all files, and compared with the existings. I don't know why, but a hotfix had the same size of the dx, moreover rootsupd.exe and some cab files in HFCABS were updated, before I know. And now, mission completed, by courtesy of your help. Thanks again, and sorry for my GOOD english.
  14. Thank you, Tommyp. My system installed 32bit winxp sp3. The old versions which I tried were all worked fine, but I don't remember those versions showed "Host OS - Unknown" or else. As you advised, I unpack dx, put all "x86" marked cab files and no marked files in HFCABS, but same result showed. I want to know, what about the other east asian language user's thoughts, Chiness, Japaness.
  15. Is this Only my problem ? I retried with add & delete new hotfixes and dx nov 2008 redist, except mar 2009, but the same err msg shows.
  16. I didn't edit any cmd line in hfslip, but I have that error message during hfslip processing, above. Hfslip beta_k & directx_mar2009_redist.exe. I don't install xp made by hfslip_k, yet. So I don't know what errors could be.
  17. New Korean Version :WindowsXP-KB905474-kor-x86.exe Ver.
  18. Thankyou, tommyp, and Be Forever HFSLIP...
  19. There are 2 MuCatalogWebControl.cab files in http://www.vorck.com/windows/hotfixes_xp.html. They have the same size and name, inf, dll. Why puts them aside, one is in ms update, and the other is in ms office update? What's the differrences between 2 files?
  20. Done, Perfectly !!! But I have 3question 1. I have one more hotfix KB898461, inspite of all installed TomCat76' sp3 hotfixes, What about you? 2. What is the rootsupdate's function or what it does? 3. I want to integrate Rogspear's dotnet2.0sp1 in HFSVCPACK, it has no problem,too? p.s. Well, here is very, very hot Summer, pardon me.
  21. I found what I missed. 1. Downloaded wbemoc.dll size was 0kb, my god.... 2. rootsupdate.exe was previous version, I've got. Within 2hours, I'll write that result.
  22. Yes, so I wrote that 1st Box. "not slipstream, but install." I am trying again, first GUI rogin method p.s. Failed
  23. Trying failed. No, I don't marked, but I tried that way, too.

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