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vLite 1.1 RC - Bit Bender


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Pure vJoyment.

Changes and download


Note to Visual Studio 2008 users:

If you want to remove Component Cache be sure to integrate \WCU\dotNetFramework\dotNetMSP\x86|x64 hotfixes during vLitement, otherwise it will fail during .net 3.5 install. This is just for this component, normal vLite config, even all removed, does not have this issue.

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what a x-mas gift - nice :-)

in case you didn't know - nuhi worked hard to improve performance of vLite even more.

and making vLite over 7% faster while removing more components i call a success :thumbup

if you need details look at the attached image :blink:

note on the attached image: the size of german mui files is larger - on v32 its roughly 10MB


[calios] 03:58:07: read avatar signature

[nuhi] 03:58:34: heh why maniac

[calios] 03:59:41: well who seriously clocks this????!

[nuhi] 03:59:51: hehehe

[nuhi] 03:59:55: point taken


CENSORED :ph34r:


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thx very much :D

merry xmas all

Name: Windows Longhorn (vLite) SERVERSTANDARD

Description: Windows Longhorn (vLite) SERVERSTANDARD


Files: 16238

Folders: 1550

Expanded Size: 1513 MB

lol :D

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Indeed Dino, you did a great job and given quite a few fans their Christmas present. You forgot to mention in the changelog that instalation issues were resolved for Vista SP1 RC (Dutch only?).

(for those thinking of integration of SP1: SP1 can not be integrated -yet-, it was installed and a new image created, which was vLite'd. See discussion in another thread)

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Well, i have a problem with this version on Vista 64bit (without any update).

When i tried to get it work for the first time first i saw that Dependencies windows. File System Filter Manager was greyed-out, and WIM filter not, so i installed it. After that WIM filter was greyed out, and all of the sudden File System Filter Manager was not, and it's impossible to install it. Tried with Vista's DVD and XP's CD with no luck.

What seems to be the problem?

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artistar, oh never seen that one. I'm using it on Vista x64 constantly. That Filter Manager can usually only be missing from the XP if someone removed it with nLite for example.

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thnx Dino for the new one, more things to remove :thumbup

EDIT: is there a possibility to load RAID drivers immediately cause I don't wanna plug in my flash every time to make vista recognize my drives, thnx

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