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  1. yep, that's true, but if you want to vlite your win7 you'll take your time and see what you can and can't remove =) leaving win7 as it was is just unacceptable
  2. maybe if nuhi found another developer who would be willing to continue his project, as an associate or sth? so the development process would be under nuhi's supervision? just my .02
  3. and for the record. you CAN'T slipstream SP2 on a vlited SP1 vista dvd. you need one of these variants: 1. already slip streamed sp2 vista disc 2. already slip streamed sp1 vista disc, but not vlited and then you can slipstream sp2 in there 3. and of course you can start with an original vista disc and slipstream both SPs. the point is that you don't slipstream anything on a vlited disc. in theory that could succeed, but in practice you'll get lots of errors
  4. why this thread died? did everyone quit trying? I'm at the end of minimizing, just have to find a System component that is crashing mmc.exe when trying to launch services.msc or msconfig.exe EDIT: it was MDAC, I got the installation .iso down to 1744MB, though I could remove a few more components, don't think I could go under 1700MB though
  5. I've had this same problem with usb keys, that just means you removed some drivers, but as you say that isn't really a problem since the stick works. So basically all you need to do when that message comes up is tick something like 'don't prompt me to install this device again'
  6. that's interesting. I can see here that you have problems removing the Welcome center, mine also can't remove the 'Tablet PC'. both of them just stay there...
  7. thank you darklocust, I'll be using your .ini as a starting point for making my own minimized .iso. I'll get back here as I get is as small as possible (with internet-through-lan ability)
  8. nuhi, when will we see 7lite? prebetas are already available and they are faast (just need some tuning )
  9. yep, that's the problem I get when removing winsxs along with integrating updates. I just decided to drop that but I'm sure there's a solution =)
  10. man I feel like a total noob, 'install' on the inf XD didn't ever notice that one, thnx very much
  11. it doesn't work for me, not with the 1.2 final. I downloaded WAIK though
  12. 'fix: WLAN (WSearch 4.0 install)' does that mean I have to make the image all over again for wlan to work? ah, well, better late than never thnx for the final
  13. can you please give me a link for the final version of this update for x64 vista sp1, which is not from hp, because that one doesn't work for me? it says that my system doesn't meet the prerequisites, thnx
  14. Which services (or anything else except wireless hw support) do I have to keep in my vista x64 for wlan to work completely? my wireless adapter is able to detect reachable networks but I can't add a new wireless network, I just get 'an unexpected error occurred' message. thnx in advance for your replies =)
  15. have you tried reinstalling vlite? if anyone had any idea about your problem, they'd help you.
  16. thank you very very much wimb, first for this program, and of course for this post here. everything is now clear and in one place, thank you once more =)
  17. I tried that way zach_h long ago, some guy has written a guide mentioning that way but I don't see how could it have worked without a different boot sector...
  18. hm, I don't think you understood my question, let me make it simpler. I'm just wondering how to make my usb boot to the Multi_boot.ini menu? I believe I can manage from there.
  19. first I'm sorry for opening this topic as many people will say that everything about this has been said before, but... I've been trying for the last 2 hours, to understand how can I install my v-lited x64 vista ultimate from an usb flash drive using usb_multiboot_10.cmd. And I still don't get it. Do I have to use xp source files to boot using boot.ini and then select grub4dos to start vista bootmgr? I have formatted my usb using petousb.exe, using fat filesystem, then I started the usb_multiboot_10.cmd, chose 'n' in the first choice list cause I already formatted the drive. But then in the next menu I don't know what to do. If I press v to add vista source files the program stops. I tried various other things but it always asks me xp source files. All I want is to install vista from my usb drive, can anyone please tell me step by step what do I have to do to get there cause I'm going crazy searching this forums for answers and I'm lost. Thank you very much for your responses in advance.
  20. I have no problems what so ever, did already two v-lite installations both for my desktop and the lappy, now just to install them =) thnx nuhi once again for another great version
  21. One last problem that came to me, so with ultimate x64 version with slipstreamed sp1, I left the 'task scheduler' component but it still doesn't run, I tried to run it manually (through services.msc) but anywhere I go I keep getting reports that it's missing, any idea about this? I also checked the last session of that installation, and yes, it's there on the list, so it hasn't been removed, at least not by me...

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