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Vistapack 2.4 Released


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Hi damian666,

attached is a cmd-batch which changes the panel colors to a more lighter appearance.

It is targeted for Windows 2k.

In conjunction with your Vistapack it looks (imho) pretty good.

Perhaps you like to integrate it.

A vbscript version is also available, let me know if you prefer this one.

To make an undo, save the registry setting before applying, its in:

“HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-xx-xxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx-1001\Control Panel\Colors”



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Hey Damian666,

Its me again, and with a problem again :\

After I install the pack on 2k and reboot for the second time or change the color scheme (desktop->right click->properties->appearance) I get something like this ( http://shrani.si/f/3T/11/1QPj6nh0/1/untitled.jpg ) . Any hints on how to fix it would be very appreciated.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the funny thing, only explorer seems to be having problems displaying icons, as you can see in the picture winamp shows the icons correctly and so does every other program that has an integrated browser for whatever needs...

Thanks and best regards


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yeah, i know about that bug man, but unfortantly its not my pack, it is a bug of the rpl2k.dll.

which is made by tihiy, so i am very sorry, but i cant fix that.

only thing i know is that you dont change the colormode...



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I got some ideas about how to make this Vistapack (XP) better:

1. Will there be an option to choose what to be installed when it is patching my system files (not the extras)?

2. Well, there is a few things i really don't like about the current Vistapack (XP).

- The logonscreen and the shutdownscreen, including the box where you can choose to log off, restart or shutdown your computer, should be exchanged to something else and better, than what is provided. It seems pretty outdated, than the real Windows Vista. Try to make it look better.

- The windows flag (which seems to be the aero-cursor with a black background, why the aero-cursor?) in windows explorer, up in the right corner, below the "close" button, should get the VistaOrb - windows flag instead (Startbutton in Windows Vista), and "About Windows" (typing winver on the run dialog box) should be improved. Look at the picture below.

I don't really like this at all.

And the bootscreen you have made, is the best bootscreen i have ever seen on Windows XP. Don't remove it!! :)

The same thing applies to the wallpaper you have made!!

XPize has some resources you may use.

And i think that there exists better logon- and shutdownscreens, based on Vista-XP style.

And, will you include some other extras, for example found in the Vista Inspirat Bricopack?

And also, take a look at this guide: Get the Vista look on XP.

By the way:

Why is the language of the installer totally different (Some other language than English) than when you are going to patch your Windows with Vistapack?

The system, some of the screenshots too, is coming from a virtual computer i have testet using VirtualBox, since i don't want to format my computer all the time just to test a piece of software that make windows look better.

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ok, i was going to comment, but now you lost me man...

that second post, those are my things :D

so why show me? i know them allready :S

i know some things need a lot of improvement man, i am working on it :D

and i am not going to include a lot of extra software man, i hate it when my system gets slowed down by running

stuff in the background.

and about the "cursor" in the right corner, trust me... its not the cursor, its custom made. and not by me

its very hard to make a nice one for in that corner.

language support only done for the installer, not the patcher...

shutdown dialog fixed in new version.

logon changed too

1. Will there be an option to choose what to be installed when it is patching my system files (not the extras)?

no, i dont see the need for that.

but thanx for your ideas, i hope i can get you in my fanbase, but i am only human man.

i can only do so much :D


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