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  1. There is only one last thing i would like in XPize, and that is XPize'd icons within the XP installation. Like this. As you can see, the following icons needs to be updated: - Regional and language options - User information - Administrator - Date & Time - Network settings - The XP-INSTALLATION-CD icon up in the right corner, next to the -X- buttone (Close). If this could be fixed, you would make me to the happiest guy in the world. I love this software! There is only a few improvements left remaining EDIT: And by the way, are there norwegian support in XPize 5?
  2. I don't know if you guys have decided the visual style on XPize 5. But i have a suggestion on a visual style that i like very good and think would be very nice in this package. Take a look at these screenshots and say what you think about it. You can download it here. 1. 2. And since I like the bootscreen in Vistapack, made by Damian666, would you be able to put it into this too? 3. Don't you like this? I do.
  3. Disable Windows File Protection (SFC) using nLite, or some other software if you can find it. Cheers Thanks, I hope this will fix the problem.
  4. I have downloaded your new vistapack version 2.6 and I have experienced problems with the CD Patch option. After I have installed Windows XP with SP3 and Vistapack 2.6 integrated, the screen turns black. It doesn't complete the installation and the only way out of this is to reinstall with the original/another XP CD. The problem occur after bootscreen and before the final wizard (when you create user accounts). This problem has occured using VirtualBox (Virtual computer) since I don't want to risk such failures on my own computer. Do you know what the problem is?
  5. Maybe XPize 5 will be in a package under the Christmas tree this years after all then
  6. Great news! I can't wait for this lovely stuff Maybe i soon can go back to Windows XP now...without having the outdated design coming from the original XP Will there be support for XPize integration to XP-installation disc?
  7. I think XPize and Vize should follow the nLite/vLite architecture on their websites, with addons included. So Damian666 can make a little *Vistapack-addon* (If he wants to?) for XPize. But after all this mess, i think XPize and Vize should be re-released, from the ground level (Starting with version 1.0 again), or is it un-necessary?
  8. At least XPize and Vize should do that, they are in family, and your version of Vistapack addon for XPize. Just a thinking thought..
  9. Well, in my ears this sounds what i have been thinking about. XPize is all about getting the old fashioned classic look that's coming from earlier windows editions out of Windows XP and replace it with the real XP-stuff. When XP is XP, XP should look like an XP. Vize is all about the same thing, but just on Vista. Old look coming from earlier editions of Windows, should be replaced by the real Vista. When Vista is Vista, Vista should look like a Vista. Vistapack is the pack to get the (latest windows) Vista style on 2000/XP, which CAN be an addon for XPize. But that's the question if you guys want it to be so? And hey, these three pack's (XPize, Vize and Vistapack) is in the same family, what about getting it on the same page? I mean, you don't have to use different websites for each of these applications when it is in the same family? What about checking the Official nLite website and see how they have done it with vLite, up in the right corner, and the other way back to nLite? They are in family But there they use different websites, something that is un-necessesary. I was thinking about ONE new website, which could be the family-name of these three projects, and three pages where XPize, Vize and Vistapack was included on the same website. Is it possible to do so? I know my English is bad, but anyway, someone who get's my point?
  10. Hehe, that's right my friend So, how's the Vista-logon been treated like? Is it finished? Screenshot?
  11. It's strange that around 3000 people haven't voted in the poll. Only 29 of 3000 viewers has voted
  12. This program contains malware! I can't run it on my computer What about a new version of this utility? Why can't the developers of nLite provide this utility on their wesite?

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