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Vistapack 2.4 Released


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@ Squeeto - Thanks for the complement! :blushing:

Actually, I was about to make a 167 similar to yours. It will go better with the "Blue" wallpaper I ripped off from a Brico Pack. I attached a pic of a part of the "Classic" Start Menu desktop I'm working on. See the lame "Programs" Icon? I'd like to find something more angled like the other folder icons. I Googled around a bit and can't find anything. Do you know where I can find something like that. I'd rather not have to make one from scratch. :no:



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well, first off all, it should not be the old one man.

i fixed that a looooong time ago.

Its just as the one in vista, but says xp or 2000.

i am not going to use one that says vista btw...

But thanx anyway...


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can anybody tell me if they encountered any error message when the patcher

was done with his job and switched to the extra's tab?

i saw that two days ago, and i fixed it, but i just dl the 2000 version, which i also fixed btw...

and to my suprise, it gave me the same error??????

so i am going crazy now...

so anybody seen this behaviour?

let me know dudes :D


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For my XP system, I needed to fix the shutdown button on the Classic Start Menu. I have been meaning to do this for a while.

Anyway, I copied the shell32.dll icon 28.ico and named it 329.ico. I don't know if anyone else needs to do this.


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hmm, very weird man... i just checked it, and it looks like i allready did that???

strange... well, to be sure, i just copied it to to the new number so its done...

nice startmenu btw :)

want to make me one without the vista name on it?

1 with xp and 1with 2000 please?



see the attachment for that icon you were talking about man :D


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