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nLite 1.4 RC2 - Rain Ultra


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What do I have to keep then, if I want to use XML ?

First thing to go is IE, 2nd OE, 3rd MSXML (no need for it), still trying to find a tutorial, how to replace the core in W2K.


is still not working reliably.


I like to see, what´s removed as well, but most simply forget the "Boardnettiquette" and forget to remove "Keyboards & Languages" off their LSinis, when they post them, so it´s always "scrolling, scrolling, till the fingers bleed and missing important things".

Most languages are removed anyway, because OpenOffice and FireFox install them for user´s needs.


The IDs refer to MS standardfunktions/ keys and the localized IDs refer to them.

So there shouldn´t be a problem, to (re)convert the (localized)IDs or do it parallel, optional (just to post it in english to the forum or bugfix), in a separate file ? :unsure:


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Feature requests:

1. For removal, please somehow link languages and keyboard layouts. Now it's too much scrolling betweent the two. Maybe just display them side by side?

2. If you can, please find a way to unbind Direct Parallel. I don't know who at this day and age uses that, but it gets installed regardles whether there is parallel port or not (I'm not 100% sure of this, but it gets installed often). For example, make it possible to keep parport and remove direct parallel.

Thank you.


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Agree with you about the "serial ports".

Disabled them in BIOS, but "game Port" still shows up in "hardwaremanager", even though "LG EX D3D" Joystick, is pluged into USB and drivers are nlited and just USB drivers are integrated.

But for sake of times, there are 2 "Compatition Pro" Joysticks, via WinUAE.

Disagreeeeee, about the "Parport" !!!!!!!

My Scanner depends upon ( Mustek 600IIEP ) just usable via "parporttweak"...

My AMIGA500 as well !!!

SO, IF :

No Hardware- , but Driverremoval.

Thank You Nuhi !!!


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I understand what you mean by XML, it's the name tags and ability to save the object, but for me it's the same since I have to write ID for every component (can't directly save) so I prefer INI, simpler to read.

totally agree - XML seems to be needlessly too complex for nLite (in a positive way, simplicity as transparency)

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examiner, preset please, attach it.

What is that with the DHCP, you'll need to be more specific.

here it is...

DHCP - I Just want to change connection names (all other leave automatic), but the gateway,subnet mask and ip sets automatically ( and cannot be removed so that the system goes for DHCP settings



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Maybe I missed it, but if not a request on a future nLite, couple of things that I do:

Right click Task Bar / Properties / Taskbar tab - put a check mark on “show Quick Launch” - Start Menu tab / Customize -- Uncheck “Show on Start Menu” Internet & E-Mail -- Advanced tab - Start Menu Items - Uncheck = Manufacture Links - Click OK / Apply / OK

Thanks by the way,

"GREAT" program.


PS: I no longer use a 'virtual box' to test cause they always work. Thanks again.

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I have make an nlited XP pro french with nlite 1.4rc2 and all went fine....except the latest patch for XP (KB933729) and the October cumulative update for IE6 (KB939653) are not integrated; did you plan to support this for Nlite 1.4 final ?


I may be a bit late but I'm experiencing the exact same problem.

I first thought I may have removed something I shouldn't have.... so I tried with a plain hotfixes integration: same problem.

Is there a workaround or should I wait for the final 1.4 that should solve the problem?


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  • 2 weeks later...
Ok, those with the SFC error, try to get the Syssetup.inf from the full slipstreamed source but unedited, overwrite the one in the Windows\Inf

that should help with the popups.

Let me know if it does but be sure that you got the clean file suitable for your Windows version. Then I will automate it if some of you confirm.

So far comecme confirmed.

edit: PM me if you want the test version.

Confirmed working for me. Did you mean the original syssetup.inf from before using nLite or anything else on the source? That's what I used and what worked, just my understanding of what you said is somewhat confused. :D

LOL, NM (probably).

Suggestion, start putting dates beside version numbers on download page and changelog, as I couldn't remember when I downloaded 1.4 final and I didn't see it until now after I entered this message that it was released November 4th. Before that, I couldn't tell if your comments about letting you know if the trick worked to fix the SFC bug came after 1.4 final was released or before since the SFC bug was "fixed" at least a couple times. :thumbup

Edited by roirraW "edor" ehT
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Okay, follow-up. I am re-confirming that the SFC problem still exists in v1.4 final, and that replacing syssetup.inf on the installed XP from the ORIGINAL XP installation source fixes the problem. I don't understand why the previous time I was able to replace it with one from my already nLite'd XP source and it fixed it as well. I had to do the installation over because I realized that I forgot to slipstream WMP 11. :)

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