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Making Nero 8 a silent install


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@rajesh.kumar: People seem to not have a problem using the 7zip method, although I do not even get to the install phase. After package rebuild and first-run on a clean XP, I get the message:

Could not read SFX configuration or configuration not found

BTW, if you have an install CD for Nero, you don't need to start the install before you copy the files. Just copy the installation folder and its contents off the CD. It's still a really big install, however.

I will try out the OP's method, but honestly a reboot is not an option for me.

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I got the ThreadOP's method to work. I am still disappointed by the size of the install (we are not installing the demo) and will need to do additional testing to determine how to effectively deploy it over a network.

We won't be using this method to deploy demo Nero, but licensed Nero with demo keys. Can anyone post me the demo key? I hope this is not a no-no. The demo key is the "serial number" that the demo uses to install, since all Nero versions require a key. The Demo Key is also the same on ALL installations of the limited software. Typically, if the software is installed with the Demo Key, when you open it, it will ask you to register with a REAL key. We will set up our installations to use the demo key instead of the licensed key so we don't have to type in keys for every machine we sell with Nero.

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If using the 7zip method, I am only looking at a 30MB savings in file size, so I am not going to worry about that.

Also I have found the information on how to accomplish a demo install.

Installation without serial number can be accomplished by omitting the serial number parameter in the batch file.


The following items will be created if an installation without entering a serial number has been successfully executed:

  • Desktop icon for completing the Nero installation.
  • An autostart entry is made. It is executed upon start of the operating system. A dialog box will then prompt the user to complete the installation.
  • A start menu entry containing “Complete your Nero installation”.

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OK I tried to change how this works so that it does not install the serial number as outlined in the Nero 8 installer docs. The install worked properly but there is a problem. It didn't say it was done and most importantly, did not create desktop or start menu shortcuts. The only modification to the AU3 I made was removing the var for the $SN in the command string on line 182:

$param = " /q" & $qsw & " /norestart RebootYesNo=No SERIALNUM_USERVAL=" & $transforms & " AgreeToLicense=Yes EULA_AGREEMENT=1 " & $D & $I & ' /log "' & @WindowsDir & '\Nero Setup.log"'

ADD: Now that I am more familiar with the process of how the Nero installer works, I am finding that the command line parameters passed by the AU3 wrapper are largely being ignored. This may be because I am actually using the SetupX.exe from the full version and not the demo installer that this program was designed to work with. The reason why I am missing icons and shortcuts, and the program is not installing properly is because almost all of the command line parameters in the code above are being ignored by the installer. If you are interested in making an update or another version to handle the full version (or OEM CD versions that come with drives like Lite-On, etc) then these parameters may be of use to you. As it stands right now, I will write my own wrapper to handle this install since this isn't working out for me either.


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Unfortunately my script is intended only to work with the trial distribution. BTW, you have to send a serial number to the installer, otherwise the icons will not show up as you have described. If you look inside Nero.msi with Orca, you can clearly see the demo serial number provided by Nero AG. In the "Property"-table look for "SERIALNUM_USERVAL". Try that serial number you see in the "Value"-table together with the script and see what happens. :whistle:

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I have simply used a batch file instead. Here is the path and params that I use in my install of the regular version:

start /wait SetupX.exe /qb! /l*v "c:\windows\NeroSetupLog.txt" NSC_OPT="FALSE" NSC_DEFAULT_OFF="TRUE"

Switched used are creating an install log file, and disable all nero scout options but allow user to re-enable them if they choose.

This method of not providing the serial number places the icon on the desktop that the end-user can then type in the serial from the back of their CD that comes with their computer.

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HELP, I used Nero8_3.0.au3 with latest Nero- with these setting and EVERYTHING! installed, even stuff I did not want :S

$16 = 0		; Nero Home
$4E = 1 ; StartSmart
$04 = 1 ; Burning ROM + Express
$59 = 0 ; Vision
$29 = 0 ; BackItUp
$26 = 0 ; CoverDesigner
$7B = 0 ; WaveEditor
$46 = 0 ; SoundTrax
$E2 = 0 ; ShowTime
$20 = 0 ; MediaHome
$0C = 0 ; Recode
$52 = 0 ; Photosnap + Viewer
$8F = 1 ; BurnRights
$06 = 0 ; ImageDrive
$E0 = 1 ; CD-DVD Speed
$12 = 1 ; DriveSpeed
$4A = 1 ; InfoTool
$B0 = 0 ; RescueAgent
$D8 = 1 ; Burn/Burn Settings Plug-In for MCE
$B3 = 1 ; Media Streaming
$75 = 1 ; CopyGadget
$94 = 0 ; Toolbar

$7Z = 1 ; Use 7-Zip to extract distribution silently
$SI = 3 ; Silent installation (3 - No UI, 2 - Basic UI, 1 - Reduced UI, 0 - Full UI) (Don't use options 0 and 1 for unattended OS install)
$FNI = 0 ; Install even if file rename operations are pending (recommended only for unattended OS install)
$ASK = 0 ; Install Ask Toolbar
$HLP = 1 ; Search and install Nero 8 Help File Package (Place any extra helpfiles in 'chm' folder)
$NV5 = 1 ; Search and install additional Template Packages for Nero Vision 5
$SCO = 0 ; Enable Nero Scout
$NPA = 1 ; Enable Nero Patent Activation
$NFC = 1 ; Enable autostart of Nero Filter Check
$BKS = 0 ; Enable autostart of BackItUp KeyScan
$EAU = 1 ; Enable Automatic Updates
$AUD = 30 ; Change number of days before Nero checks for updates
$SND = 0 ; Enable all sounds in Burning ROM
$TWS = 1 ; Show temporary writing speed
$EAC = 1 ; Enable all compilations
$EDO = 0 ; Enable DVD overburning
$ESL = 0 ; Enable generation of short lead-out
$ECD = 1 ; Eject CD/DVD after burning is complete
$VWD = 0 ; Verify Written Data after burning is complete
$RBR = 0 ; Run BurnRights to allow all users logged on locally to burn media
$RFA = 0 ; Reset File Associations created by Nero ShowTime
$UND = 0 ; UnRegister Nero DirectShow Filters
$MIS = 0 ; Enable Media Indexing Services

$DCC = 0 ; Delete Nero ControlCenter Start Menu shortcut
$DNH = 0 ; Delete Nero Home Desktop shortcut
$QNH = 0 ; Delete Nero Home QuickLaunch shortcut
$DSS = 0 ; Delete Nero StartSmart Desktop shortcut
$QSS = 0 ; Delete Nero StartSmart QuickLaunch shortcut
$DTF = 1 ; Delete extracted and temporary files after successful install


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HELP, I used Nero8_3.0.au3 with latest Nero- with these setting and EVERYTHING! installed, even stuff I did not want :S


Private message sent. Please report back.

Kind regards.

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Updated script to reflect current release of Nero Burning ROM

artbio has been working hard this time around and the changelog speaks for itself.

Changelog: 3.1

* Changed: Exit message is written to a logfile instead of displaying message boxes (artbio)

* Changed: Trial version is now selected by default (CEoCEo)

* Added: Logging of 7-Zip extraction (artbio)

* Added: Option to change 'Book Type settings' for all drives (artbio)

* Added: Option to disable Nero Online Services (CEoCEo)

* Updated: Options installing Nero Scout (CEoCEo)

* Updated: Component unregistration (artbio)

* Fixed: *Scout*.chm wasn't being installed in some situations (artbio)

* Fixed: Selected components to install with new release of (CEoCEo)

Script is found in my signature B)

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I'm actually encountering problems with the silent install. It works fine from a USB key, (actually faster than) hard-disk install but does not work from the network. I recently updated my installer for v8.3.2.2, which was basically use the same batch file with different files. I verified all paths were still correct also. But when I run from a network, I first get an error saying it can't find data\directx\directx.exe even tho I can manually go to it.

Should I be using full paths for the network install you think? Right now we are left with copying to the desktop to run it until I update the images.

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I first thank MSFN board and all members for the work. I'm not speak english. so i thank for your patience.

I just download the Nero 8.3.1 autoit script and i have some problem to use it. I would need your help because i want to change the default directory like this: %PROGRAMFILES\MULTIMEDIA\NERO8. how can i do it ? Is it correct to set the the $ID parameter as

$ID = "@ProgramFilesDir & "Multimedia\Nero8"" ? Thank for your help.

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