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  1. The "new" updroots.exe inside rootsupd.exe is downgraded (5.2.3790.4456 -to- 5.1.2484.0) and does not support the switch -u. u = Add to disallowed root store updroots.exe -l -u disallowedcert.sstrvkroots.exe returns an error because it is using the same updroots.exe tool to install the cert. One solution is to place the old updroots.exe in HFSLIP\REPLACE\I386\updroots.ex_. Is there anyone that have a better Idea?
  2. Hi Mim0! I just want to say that using the reg-file for KB2264107 is not recommended for HFSLIP usage as it removes the CWD from the default DLL search order. Found out the hard way by trying to make a new HFSLIP environment using VM. HFSLIP can't extract hot-fixes with this reg-tweak, I always get the message “Extraction Failed” - “File is corrupt” and files are not being copied to TEMP directory for that reason. Manually extracting hot-fixes with an absolute path is working by the way. Example 1: Does not work (used internally by HFSLIP) HF\WindowsXP-KB950762-x86-ENU.exe /X:TEMP Example 2: Working as usual HF\WindowsXP-KB950762-x86-ENU.exe /X:C:\HFSLIP\TEMP If this is confirmed, maybe something can be mentioned in your update-list Mim0, other than it's optional? BTW, thanks for the time you put into HFSLIP...
  3. I have seen this happen too… Trying to install IE8 again didn't work by the way, and I don't really know where to start debugging errors like this. EDIT: Empty dialog box: Rundll32.exe shdocvw.dll, DoOrganizeFavDlg Workaround: Rundll32.exe ieframe.dll, DoOrganizeFavDlg According to Microsoft there is a patch that fixes this issue.
  4. Swedish localization (based on Tranlations20090829) sv.zip
  5. Swedish localization (based on Tranlations20090827) sv.zip
  6. Updated Swedish translation. sv.zip
  7. Updated Swedish translation. sv.zip
  8. Updated the Swedish language file originally done by Watertrue.
  9. Thx strel for your quick fix! Tested and working as intended now. The KB928416 struggle is finally over.
  10. Thanks strel for your hard work on this .NET Framework mess! A real timesaver... But please strel....add quotes to make the changes to the registry valid. From line 315 to
  11. Hi Bubbabad!This script is searching for a file starting with Nero-7*.exe in the same dir. Make sure that for an example Nero- exist in the same directory and try again. Remember that I have not tested this script with any other setup package, so use it at your own risk.
  12. Thanks for the positive feedback. It’s always good to hear about people finding that this script is useful and that it works properly on different platforms.
  13. This is what I use. rem Disable Wizard REG ADD "HKCU\Software\Safer Networking Limited\SpybotSnD" /v WizardRun /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /F rem Disable TeaTimer REG DELETE "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run" /v "SpybotSD TeaTimer" /F rem Disable SDHelper regsvr32.exe /u /s "%ProgramFiles%\Spybot - Search & Destroy\SDHelper.dll"
  14. Updated script to reflect current release of Nero Burning ROM artbio has been working hard this time around and the changelog speaks for itself. Changelog: 3.1 * Changed: Exit message is written to a logfile instead of displaying message boxes (artbio) * Changed: Trial version is now selected by default (CEoCEo) * Added: Logging of 7-Zip extraction (artbio) * Added: Option to change 'Book Type settings' for all drives (artbio) * Added: Option to disable Nero Online Services (CEoCEo) * Updated: Options installing Nero Scout (CEoCEo) * Updated: Component unregistration (artbio) * Fixed: *Scout*.chm wasn't being installed in some situations (artbio) * Fixed: Selected components to install with new release of (CEoCEo) Script is found in my signature B)
  15. @Tripredacus Unfortunately my script is intended only to work with the trial distribution. BTW, you have to send a serial number to the installer, otherwise the icons will not show up as you have described. If you look inside Nero.msi with Orca, you can clearly see the demo serial number provided by Nero AG. In the "Property"-table look for "SERIALNUM_USERVAL". Try that serial number you see in the "Value"-table together with the script and see what happens.
  16. A new release is finally here after great help from AutoIt specialist artbio. After several internal release candidates we now feel our work is complete. Changelog: 3.0 * Added: Option to extract silently using 7-Zip (artbio) * Added: Option to install silently with different UI levels (CEoCEo) * Added: Option to install even if file rename operations are pending (artbio) * Added: Option to unregister Nero DirectShow filters (artbio) * Added: Automatic search and use of custom multiple transforms (*.mst) 'Windows SDK Setup Transform Script' (CEoCEo) * Added: Install of multiple Helpfile Packs and extra helpfiles not included in the original package (artbio) - Extra helpfile support for (*BurnRights*.chm, *ControlCenter*.chm, *Scout*.chm) placed in 'chm' folder * Added: Removal of unneeded help files and folders (artbio) * Added: Several error checking improvements (artbio) * Updated: Major code review specific to the current distribution (CEoCEo & artbio) * Updated: Removal of 'Media Indexing Services' (CEoCEo) * Fixed: Silent install with new release of 'Template Packages for Nero Vision 5' (CEoCEo) This is how to make a transform to enable InCD. Place the mst file together with the script. In the "Condition" table using Orca, change the feature InCDC9AC4AC7 from 1=1...to... CC9AC4AC7=0 This is how to make a transform to enable CopyGadget in Windows XP. Thanks goes to ricktendo64 for this information. In the "Condition" table using Orca, change the feature NeroCopyGadgetED8C2E75 Level 0 from NOT(CED8C2E75=1) OR NOT((VersionNT=600 AND (NOT (VersionNT64))))…to… NOT(CED8C2E75=1) OR NOT(VersionNT=500 OR (VersionNT=501 AND (NOT (VersionNT64))) OR (VersionNT=502 AND WindowsBuild>2600 AND (NOT (VersionNT64))Also change the feature NeroCopyGadgetED8C2E75 Level 200 from (CED8C2E75=0) AND NOT((VersionNT=600 AND (NOT (VersionNT64))))…to… (CED8C2E75=0) AND NOT(VersionNT=500 OR (VersionNT=501 AND (NOT (VersionNT64))) OR (VersionNT=502 AND WindowsBuild>2600 AND (NOT (VersionNT64)))) Script is found in my signature
  17. Hi radix! Actually I have tested this part with great success in the upcoming release of 2.3. More complicated, but it will hopefully work for everyone. ; Delete Media Indexing Services If $MIS = 0 Then RegDelete ( "HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run", "IndxStoreSvr_{79662E04-7C6C-4d9f-84C7-88D8A56B10AA}" ) RegDelete ( "HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce", "NeroHomeFirstStart" ) RunWait ( @ComSpec & " /c regsvr32 /u /s MediaLibraryNSE.dll", @CommonFilesDir & "\Nero\Lib", @SW_HIDE ) FileDelete ( @CommonFilesDir & "\Nero\Lib\MediaLibraryNSE.dll" ) RunWait ( @ComSpec & " /c net stop NMIndexingService", "", @SW_HIDE ) RunWait ( @ComSpec & " /c sc delete NMIndexingService", "", @SW_HIDE ) RegDelete ( "HKCR\CLSID\{E8933C4B-2C90-4a04-A677-E958D9509F1A}" ) RegDelete ( "HKCR\AppID\{D55E16BA-BBC9-4F7E-A147-E5DFBCC71480}" ) RegDelete ( "HKCR\AppID\NMIndexingService.EXE" ) RegDelete ( "HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\NMIndexingService" ) FileDelete ( @CommonFilesDir & "\Nero\Lib\NMIndexingService.exe" ) RunWait ( @ComSpec & " /c regsvr32 /u /s NMIndexingServicePS.dll", @CommonFilesDir & "\Nero\Lib", @SW_HIDE ) FileDelete ( @CommonFilesDir & "\Nero\Lib\NMIndexingServicePS.dll" ) ProcessClose ( "NMIndexStoreSvr.exe" ) FileDelete ( @CommonFilesDir & "\Nero\Lib\NMIndexStoreSvr.exe" ) RunWait ( @ComSpec & " /c regsvr32 /u /s NMIndexStoreSvrPS.dll", @CommonFilesDir & "\Nero\Lib", @SW_HIDE ) FileDelete ( @CommonFilesDir & "\Nero\Lib\NMIndexStoreSvrPS.dll" ) EndIf
  18. WOW!!! Great job artbio! I'll look into the changes and compare with my current script.
  19. Hi artbio! You get this error because you have a pending file operation that needs to be taken care of before Nero continues the installation process. Nero8 is pretty strict when it comes to the installation part. Try to place this Nero installer as your first priority in your setup environment to see if you can overcome this error message. It's not recommended to delete the registry entries as givanoff posted. Windows needs to restart to be able to update currently used files. I will look into your suggestions and release a new version when ready.
  20. I believe this line specifies your problem. Setup needs to copy some files in the same directory on first run, but access is denied in your case. Maybe you could run setup as admin and then retry?
  21. This topic is getting out of hand... Everyone have their own way of maintaining their installationplatform and there is no right or wrong in any form of guide. I created that script so people don't have to recreate the entire package when a new version comes out the door, mainly because to save time to do something else. It's up to the individual to decide what to use or implement to their setup environment. I'm just preferring an always working bus rather than an old car that needs to be maintained to save my precious time.
  22. Not until now Windows Update wants me to install Swedish KB905474 on Windows XP SP2. http://au.download.windowsupdate.com/msdow...37edf4e665d.exe This link seems to be a bit different than the other downloads.
  23. @Shark007 – Please merge thread to this topic instead. [done. thanks.] @zippa634 – You don't have to reinstall the entire Nero 8 package. Please read through the FAQ regarding InCD. It's not possible to make the install of InCD unattended if you don't make use of MST-transforms, as far as I know. In the "Condition" table using Orca, change the feature "InCDC9AC4AC7" from "1=1" to "CC9AC4AC7=0" See this post to modify the script to handle transforms.
  24. Sure ricktendo64, nice find by the way… Search and replace... $SN &...with... $SN & ' TRANSFORMS="' & @ScriptDir & '\DiscCopy.mst"' &That should apply the transform, but the Gadget didn't got installed when I tried it. Hopefully you have better luck!

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