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  1. Why don't you use this one: <http://www.download.com/Bulgarian-Phonetic-Keyboard-Layout/3640-2110_4-10657280-2.html> It's a WinRAR SFX archive containing an MSI. Just re-do the SFX and pass the relevant switch[es] to the MSI in the comment and make it a switchless installer. Works fine for me.
  2. Hi guys! You can do it like this: [if you have the downloadable version] Use 7-Zip to extract the original installer (it's an NSIS one). Grab the .msi file (kis.en.msi) and create a WinRAR SFX switchless installer with the following comment: Setup=msiexec.exe /i kis.en.msi /quiet /norestart TempMode Silent=1 Overwrite=1 Title=Kaspersky Internet Security v8.0.0.454 To register it silently, export your key from within Kaspersky (it has got this option); or If you have an activation code, go to <https://activation.kaspersky.com/en/> and export it to a .key file. Put the .key file in the same folder where your .msi file is (it will get picked up and imported during install), then create your switchless installer. [if you have an OEM disc] The .msi is already on there.
  3. CEoCEo, Thanks a lot for your effort in producing this cool script. And just to add, I have successfully tried it with v8.3.2.1 on Vista Basic and Home Premium 32-bit and 64-bit.

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