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Mr Specs, Whats ur PC specs?


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:) wow there sum wicked specs out there mine a rubbish lol

AMD Athlon 1.1Ghz

384mb Ram

20 gig HD

4 gig HD

Geforce 2 64mb AGP

48/16/48x CDR/W

16x DVD Drive

on board Sound *blah*

btw Visentinel wat program u use to show all them specs on ya screenshot?

also Delta Goodrem Mmmmmmmm she hot lol

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Lian Li PC-70 USB

Innovision 15" Flat Panel

Sony CDRW 24x

AMD XP2800+ Barton

512 Mushkin Lvl II Black Ram

Abit NF7-S Rev 2.0

Radeon 9800 NP>Pro

SB Live Audigy

2 WD 80GIG 7200rpm

1 WD 40GIG 5400rpm

I'd have to say im very pleased with my current system at this point. But this was my upgrade from a GF4200, 1.4 Athlon and some PC2700 mem (not bad really, but im getting prepard for HL2 and Doom)

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AMD Athlon 700

Asus K7V Motherboard

768 MB SDRAM PC 133

120 GB Seagate Barracuda V HD

Asus GeForce 256 32 MB RAM DeLuxe

Plextor 16/10/40 CD R/RW Writer

Hitachi/LG Multi-Format DVD Writer

Realtek 100 Eth

SB Live!

Adaptec SCSI Adapter

Linksys Wireless Router

Acer 17 LCD Monitor

Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro

Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 5

Aopen High Tower Case

HP All-in-One Printer

Motorola Cable Modem

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Dell Inspiron 8200 Laptop

P4 2.0 GHz (needs upgrade)

512 MB Ram (needs upgrade)

40GB 5400 Rpm Hdd (I hate 5400rpm)

120GB External 7200RPM Western Digital 8Mb Cache Firewire + Usb 2 Hdd

Pioneer a04 Dvd-r/rw External Firewire + Usb 2

15.4 Ultra Xga

Geforce 4 440 Go 64MB (sucks)

Crystal onboard stupid **** not supported sound card shame to Dell!

Lg 8080b dvd integrated

Teac 24x CD-rw integrated

Usb 2 cardbus

2 ethernet Card =1 pcmci card + other on board

Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer (wired I got sick of refilling batteries!!!)

Lexmark X84 Aio

Dell Truemobile 1150 wireless lan

1394 Firewire port...

56K actiontec v.92 modem

I've no idea what motherboard it uses :)

At home I've

Athlon xp 2500+

Asus a7n8x-x

1GB pc 2700 ram

64Mb Geforce 440Mx

Pioneer 106sz dvd-rom

17" Samsung

etc... I use my laptop :rolleyes:

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  • 2 weeks later...

main rig changed to:

A64 3200+

Albatron K8X800 Pro II mobo

currently only using 1 stick of corsair xms pc3200, second decided to take a poop on install, waiting on the 2x512 mushkin black hi-perf lvl II to come in..

the 2500 goes to my 2k3 box, along w/ my 9700 pro. finally getting it back from ATI rma... hopefully ati will release some drivers for 2k3 soon.

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Really too many to list but my main 3:


Dell Optiplex GX300

Dual PIII 866

1gb ram

last count a total of 200gb of hdd space amongst it 8 drives.

zip 250



52x cd

128mb MSI FX5600xt-vtdr128 video

MSI tv@nywhere card

I think that's it on that one.


P4 3.0mhz w/ ht

768mb ram

40gb hdd

80gb hdd

750mb zip


Sound blaster Audigy /w firewire

usb 2


edit: P4 1.2ghz w/ centrino

512mb ram

15" lcd

40gb hd

and a slew of tet systems and servers which I don't count because they change configs more often than some people in this forum take showers.showers

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My Rig Is Running

MainBoard is a P4PE Asus brand

P4 1.8a@2.6

512ddr @380mhz

3dlabs vp990with 512mb ram

Lg 52x24x52x cdrw

Nec 1300a dvd Dual format drive

Maxtor 15gig gotta change it out soon as all the cad and such is filling it up

lately been burning it to an dvd RW

Sound when need it comes from the on board sound

Pioneer DVD 16x

Os is xp pro with sp1

The Rig I will build next Will have these Spec's

Dual Intel Xeon at 3ghz+

Dual Xeon board Have not pick one yet

over 3gigs of mem

at least 2 320gig hard drives

and 2 200gig drives

and maybe some scsi type drives or sata drives

if not the xeon maybe one dual 64bit intel chips since them xeons i beleave are still 32bit with more cache so it may turn out to be more better to use the 64bit chips

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So what do you guys think of the next sys im thinkng of building and what your take on my Rig that im running now I see you guys allready have them 120gig drives and high end game cards have not tried my card with games yet

I'm to sure it will proform any better than what you guys are using as mine was build for cad work and such

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