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  1. Well as far as I know, all AMD processors since the 939 socket Athlon 64's support registered ram, so it's up to the motherboard's manufacturer to enable it which Asus seems to do with all their higher end boards like this one since the socket 939. Probably but since I'll just be using it to batch render things when I need it then I can leave it on for a day or two if need be so timeliness doesn't bother me too much. Aslo I tried the same ram in this pc in my newer one and it really didn't slow things down at all so it all seems to be cpu based as far as I can tell. I haven't really had good experiences with Nvidia cards past or present even with my GTX 1070 in my i7 rig due to a ton of minor issues that seem to plauge me no matter what, so I'm avoiding Nvidia cards when I can. Probably, but the gpu was bought with the potential for running dual HD Radeon 7990s when I first got it so I have plenty of power and space in my rig to run two cards though the HD 7970 still holds up pretty well, I just want a great DX12 card should I need it, puss I could use this machine in the future to do VR game testing in another room of my house when I get a VR headset.
  2. I have an old Asus M4A89GTD Pro/Usb3 mobo with the following specs: Cpu: Phenom II 955 Black Edition (OC'ed at 4.0ghz) with last beta bios update. Gpu: Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 OC with Boost Edition (Stock Speed) Ram: 16gb of DDR3 at 1333 mhz (Stock Speed) This system has served me well over the last 4 years, but it's now showing it's age so I want to give it an upgrade to revive it's usefulness. I plan to be doing video editing, video game/program compiling, 3d rendering, and it will also double as my Windows XP era gaming rig as my newer i7 rig has taken over my gaming/video recording duties as of late. Also performance wise the i7 rig is exactly twice as fast as the Phenom II rig in every test I've performed with it. I want to upgrade the Phenom II rig to the following: Cpu: FX-8350 (Stock speed with boost clock disabled as the mobo can't handle cpu speeds past 4.0ghz without broken throttling.) Cost about $120. Gpu: ASUS ROG STRIX Radeon Rx 480 8GB OC Edition (or the rumored "RX 485" if it actually becomes a real gpu by then) along with the Radeon HD 7970 for XP when needed. Cost about $250 Ram 32 GB of DDR3 at any speed (Ram speed doesn't seem to matter too much for the programs/task I use). Cost $20 - $120 So my question is simply, "Is it possible"? I've seen post where people have gotten the FX-8350 to work with the last beta bios, and others with 32 GB of ram, but none with both together. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/352984-28-will-support-8350-black-edition-core-processor-piledriver http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/310542-30-upgrade-asus-m4a89gtd Obviously I understand a newer PC would probably be best at these price points, but the main reason for spending this much is the fact that I use this PC to repair old PCs and other old tech all the time and this pc has every port I'd ever need (including serial and parallel ports from a pci card I added) to repair them plus Win XP compatibility on one of the fastest cpus it can run on. The biggest upgrade will be the Cpu so I want to know if anyone else has had success getting this board to work with this cpu. The GPU will be last as the Radeon HD 7970 still works just fine for most things, though it's starting to wear out and fail so a new gpu may be needed soon. Finally can I use PC3-8500R memory with this board? I use PC3200R in my old Asus A8N-SlI Premium build. I can easily get 32GB of PC3-8500R server ECC ram for $20 so I don't have to spend $120 on the ram I wanted to get for it.
  3. Well I've gone and done something crazy... I put a 2K - 4K gaming grade PC I built over the last 4 years... into a small ATX case from an ancient HP 8756C... This is the result: TL;DW Surprisingly all the parts to my gaming rig PC fit snugly into the case (Except the GTX 1070) and runs just fine. Now I'm already on my trip when I posted this, but there's 2 problems I have with this case. 1. The CPU cooler, PSU Casing, and GPU Cooler Shrowd all physically touch each other. 2. The case has poor ventilation as the case was originally designed for a Pentium 3 era PC. Naturally, with problems like these I don't plan to keep using this case in the future so I was wondering one of two things. 1. Are there any other cases of a similar size (maybe 1 inch in width bigger at most) to this one. It must fit within 10 x 16 x 16 inches max size as I will be transporting this by plane (10 x 16 x 24 MAX) in a suitcase. It MUST fit the ASUS GTX 1070 STRIX OC (11.73 " x 5.28 " x 1.57 " Inch) in the first 4 expansion slot areas with LITTLE to NO case modifications. I'd also prefer if a Full ATX PSU could fit as well, but I can settle for a SFX sized one. 2. If there isn't a case like suggestion 1 then can anyone suggest a PSU that's similar to my Corsair RM650i that's mATX or SFX sized. I can make this case work if I can fit my GTX 1070 under the PSU as the RM650i is too tall for it's large cooler to fit under. 3. Can someone suggest any tools that I could use to modify the metal casting for the case. I could cut some of the length off the edges of the cd/hdd cage to make the cpu cooler and the back of the GTX 1070 fit better. I know I could build a new PC that would easily fit much better within my suitcase, but as I JUST bought the final part for this pc (The GTX 1070) I'm clearly not interested at spending another $600 to do so at this time. I'll make detailed measurements of the outside and internal space in the current case if you want me to. Here's the specs of the PC inside for those who are wondering. CPU: i7-4790 (non "K") @3.6GHz (stock speed) CPU Cooler: New GPU: Asus Geforce GTX 1070 STRIX OC (at stock speed). "Current" GPU: Sapphire HD Radeon 7970 OC (at stock speed). RAM: PNY Anarchy 16GB x2 (32GB) at 2133MHz HDD: 120GB SSD and 3TB HDD (Note: I forgot the name of the CPU cooler, but somehow it's shorter than the 1070's cooler so it's not to important to list.) Thanks for your help, Jason M.
  4. Well after a bit more testing it seems there was a resource issue after all with the CT4520. Idk, what I did to really resolve it as the settings seem to be the exact same as they were when I started. Regardless the Awe 64 CT4520 can play digital sound once again, and as an additional bonus can be recorded directly from Audacity 2.0.0 as well. Sadly the CT4830 still doesn't work no matter what I do, so I'll move the topic to the hardware fourms for it as well as the rather poor Pentium 3 performance (though it could just be Audacity 2.0.0 having high requirements though it supposedly can run on just a 300MHz Pentium 2). I'm still going to try and make the video as I do have a few minor issues left to fix. Thanks you for your help everyone. ^_^ - Jason M.
  5. Well I've already found these links as I was hoping for a more detailed guide about the board, but thanks for sharing them. Also for those wondering I think there might be a "physical" problem with the CT4830. I replaced it with a CT4780 (Dell OEM) I had sitting around, and low and behold the CT4780 runs perfectly fine with the CT4520 without hanging the entire system like the CT4830 does. Not 100% sure why, but at least I can enjoy digital sounds again. If I get time tomorrow I'll make a video about the issues with the setup.
  6. 1. Well I just love how the CT4520 sounds over the CT 4830 for the most part. I could just use the CT4830, but again it doesn't seem to work properly on any system using Windows ME. It works just fine in XP though. I haven't tried it in Win 98 SE though, but I prefer using ME as it can run far more advanced programs and connects with my home network better than 98 SE. 2. Yeah I know. I did get them working together for about 30 min once, but things usually lock up with in 5 -10 min. The CT4520 did successfully run for 24 hours without failing though (minus the lack of digital sound problem stated earlier) so I know that works. 3. The system has more than enough resources and doesn't seem to conflict as far as I can tell.
  7. I been working on a retro Win9X gaming build for quite some time now and I finally got a reasonable build that can work with all the games I used to play back in the day, How ever I've run into a few problems with the setup, most of which I can deal with for now, but there's a major design flaw it seems. A lot of my games use the old midi format for music (as most did in the 90) so having a Soundblaster (or any sound card for that matter) is a must. Lot of my more recent Win 9x games also use Wav, Mp3, etc for sound as well and since I have a old stereo as my speakers I naturally want the best sound played through it so an old sound card doesn't cut it that well in my opinion. To make a long story short, I settled on a CT 4520 I freely got from an trashed Celeron system and a CT 4830 I bought for the build awhile back. Everything was fine until I installed Windows ME, then the problem arose. 1. The CT 4830 (SoundBlaster Live!) COMPLETELY freezes the entire system after playing sound or even doing nothing for awhile, though outside of that it works perfectly fine. I have tried the CT 4830 on many Win ME systems and the problem occurs there as well unfortunately, so I assume it's the card or the OS and not the PC it's self at least. 2. The CT 4520 (AWE 64 Value) has a precise repeating clicking/popping noise at all times when not using the midi synth. Also it can't play ANY digital sound (like Wav, Mp3, etc.) at all in Windows Me. Thankfully the midi synth is 100% ok which is my only real reason for keeping the card in the first place for that AWEsome (Sorry had to write that! XD) late 90's synth. I've already determined that having both sound cards in at the same time is perfectly fine, but the CT 4830 is the biggest problem as even when it's the only card installed it still freezes. I really wish that I could get the setup working with this configuration, but if not I do have 2 (maybe 3) other older model sound cards I could try instead. Thanks for your help. (NOTE: I'll be out of town from Aug. 4th till the 26th so I won't be able to test anything until I get back, but please keep sending suggestions to fix it during my trip. ^_^) Also here's the detailed specs for my build in case it helps. MOBO: Techram P6Pro-A+ (Btw, if you know what drivers this board needs that would help as I can't find much info for the board these days.) CPU: Pentium 3 @850mhz (Socket 370 with Slot 1 adapter) RAM: 512mb GPU: Geforce FX 5900 XT Sound Cards: AEW 64 CT4520 (ISA) & Soundblaster Live! CT4830
  8. Well after a lot of searching I found more about the slocket and the HP vectra: Slocket info: http://images.anandtech.com/old/CPU/Intel/pentium3e/500e/overclocking/slocket2inst.jpg A similar topic about the slocket and a similar Celeron. http://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1028881 Vectra information: http://www.manualslib.com/manual/663149/Hp-Vectra-Vl.html?page=9#manual That was the PC and the bios is updated now from ver .07 to .08. Sadly I didn't see any notes about broader cpu support but I'll try the celeron again tomorrow. Some pictures of my celeron and slocket: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9uFvN9K3tPWNlpUTl94Uy1ta1U/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9uFvN9K3tPWUGFkbUYzSzB3bUU https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9uFvN9K3tPWX1Y1QzJkSUpZVkU
  9. Well I'll try the bios update if I can find one for it. HP is notorious for having next to no info nor downloads on these ancient machines on their site so it looks like more Google searching for me. As far as the slotket goes it seems to be in near perfect condition and the processor was already in it when I got the PC it was originally in.
  10. Here are the CPU's: Pent.2- http://www.cpu-world.com/sspec/SL/SL2S5.html Cel- http://www.cpu-world.com/sspec/SL/SL36B.html I also have a spare Pentium 3 at 500 mhz ,but I highly doubt it will work. http://www.cpu-world.com/sspec/SL/SL365.html I know it;s technically a downgrade but I've heard that the Mendocino Celerons were pretty good compared to the Pent2 of the same speed. I have another motherboard I plan putting the Pentium 2 in but if I can't put the celeron in the Vectra I'll just leave the Pent.2 in it.
  11. Not sure if this is the right forum to post this on, if not just tell me and I'll move it to the correct one. I have an old (mostly stock) HP Vectra VL 6/333 Desktop that currently has a Pentium II MMX @ 333mhz and I want to upgrade it with a Celeron (Mendocino- Socket 370 with a Slot 2 adapter) at 333 mhz. Unfortunately when ever I try booting the PC with the Celeron it hangs up at the second boot stage out of 8 on the monitor and wont turn off without a "hard" shutdown. The adapter the Celeron is attached to has multiple jumpers on it I can change but I haven't really messed with them as they are supposedly already set to automatic config for any socket 370 processor. The motherboard has a set of switches that controls the cpu speed and is already set to 333 mhz and ranges from 200-366 mhz. Is there a way I might be able to rig it to work or is the motherboard just too old to accept and adapted processor? I'll post links and pictures if you need them. Thank you for the help. - Jason
  12. Lol, yeah they're pretty bad (except the Pentium 2 era Mendocino Celerons) but fine for everyday task. Looks like the bios is already the last version and supports it, I just hope it works with out any issues on my mobo. That is soo true! XD Ok, I don't usually use Dos too much but just in case I'll mention it. Well I prefer Ati for mid-high end to low end cards over nvidia especially on older rigs. I'll go for the 9800XT or X850 XT first and the 6800GS if it's cheaper. Ah ok. Thanks for the help LoneCrusader! ^_^
  13. To be honest I like ME over 98SE on this rig for the man fact it far stabler and is "shinier" than 98SE. I'll take that into consideration. Ok. Looks like some re-wiring for me! XD Personally I've had better experience with Ati in my rigs than nvidia gpus (my laptops especially) but I'll look into both you suggested. Thanks for the information MrMateczko! ^_^
  14. I seem to be unable to create a "fully" working multiboot/install DVD using the "Create Windows 98/ME/NT/2K/XP/2003 all in one installation DVD" I replaced Windows 2003 with Windows 95 (Version C) as I planned to put 2003 on a different DVD with newer versions of windows on it. When I try booting any of the disk I put on there they show an error about not being able to find the setup/installation files. For some reason Win 95 - ME will still work if I type "setup" (D:\WinME\setup for Windows ME installer) and continue normally. Windows NT 4.0 doesn't boot at all and when I attempt editing the iso and add the I386 for WinNT to the root folder it will boot but BSDO when setup starts. Windows 2000 and XP both boot but fail to start at all giving me a "insert Win 2000/XP disk into drive A:" error and I can't find a way to fix that at all. I use UltraEdit (Version and Oracle VirtualBox (Version 4.3.30 r 10610 64-Bit) on Windows 10 Tech Preview 64-Bit (Build 10270) to build/test the ISO. Message me for images/files if you need them. If anyone has any ideas please help or suggest another method of combining these disk to a DVD Iso or USB drive. Guide I used: http://www.magiciso.com/tutorials/miso-create-multi-os-cd.htm Link to images of the errors/iso: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9uFvN9K3tPWfnpmTVJ1VnkzdThQQTNjZ1NuUE53WFdZdk1jQWFTVUtocGZYY3E5Z0lTMms&authuser=0 P.S.: If I posted this to the wrong forum section, just feel free to tell me where it should be or move it there if possible.
  15. Hello everyone my name's Jason and I have a question. I currently own an old Pentium 4/HT based rig with the following setup: Specs- Current Case: Athenatech A4224BB http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811190051 Psu: Antec 300w (Model: PP-303XP) http://www.antec.com/specs/p303xp_spe.html Mobo: ECS L4VXA2 (V1.0A? Not sure as there isn't any indication of revision A, B, or C labeled anywhere on the board; therefore I'll assume it's rev A.) with Socket 478. Bios rev. 1.1e http://www.ecs.com.tw/ECSWebSite/Product/Product_Detail.aspx?CategoryID=1&DetailID=44&DetailName=Feature&MenuID=24&LanID=0 Cpu: Celeron 2.4 ghz (North Wood, no HT, no OC) Gpu: Nvidia Geforce 2 MX/MX 400 with 32mb or on-board ram (I think it’s just the mx version, not sure though). Ram: 768mb = 3x256mb of DDR1 ram at 333mhz Drives- 1 Maxtor 80gb ide HDD, 1 Zip Disk 100 ide drive, 2 Floppy drives (3.5 inch/1.44mb), 1 CD-RW drive, and 1 DVD-RW drive. OS: Windows Millennium Edition Ver. 4.90.30000 I wish to upgrade this rig to the following: Specs- Potential Case: Same (if possible). Psu: Same (if possible). Mobo: Same. Cpu: Pentium 4 3.06ghz (HT disabled). Gpu: Ati Radeon 9800 Pro/AIW or Geforce 6800 GT or better if possible. Ram: 3gb = 3x1gb of DDR1 ram at 333 or 400mhz Drives: Same. OS: Same. Audio: SoundBlaster Live! Or better. Will this set up work and what will I need to do to modify WinME to work with it properly? A few points of concern on my part I hope you might know how to fix/suggest a better method: Hardware Issues- Current Psu seems to hate my Molex to floppy power adaptors and will not start at all unless I use the two original floppy power cables. This also means that most of my molex cables are really close to the drives and I can’t extend them further to reach a gpu if it needs a molex power plug. The case I have isn’t very accommodating to large gpu’s and my Geforce 2 MX already takes up most of the space between the hard drives and it’s AGPslot. ACPI is completely broken and I had to disable it on this board as it causes random shutdowns and Windows Me can’t shut down normally with it enabled or it hangs on a black screen with a blinking dos cursor. Software/OS issues: I don’t have any software/OS issues yet but I’ll post them here if any should arise. Thank you for your time in reading this and replying. P.S.: If I posted this to the wrong forum section, just feel free to tell me where it should be or move it there if possible.

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