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  1. this is great news. i have been using mutltiple programs to shrink and customize 7 & 8 but none quite hit the mark like vlite did. i would say all other programs are like a ford mustang while vlite was like a ferrari. but since sp1 update i have been using multiple programs to achieve the desired outcome. i have always disliked rt7lite until recently when i was able to drastically shrink the size of a x32 WIM to under 850 MB; unfortunately i can't get it to even start removing components with the x64 version. that brings me to this... is it possible to make your next version of software for 7/8 as proficient as rt7lite removing components? when using rt7lite JUST to remove components it works superbly well, but i can't stand using it for anything else. do you think the authors of rt7lite would be willing to collaborate seeing as version 3.0 was supposedly being released YEARS ago? anyway, im thrilled to have something to look forward to with your new software and wish you the best and hope it turns out just as polished as nlite and vlite... still the best customization software after all these years.
  2. i am attempting to remove the components from a MSDN Windows Seven Professional SP1 x64 iso. i have run this successfully with the same version iso in x32 bit and it worked great shrinking the finished iso to under 1 GB. however, with the same exact settings and lastsession.inf file the x64 bit stalls at 0%; i even tried reinstalling the OS and not using the lastsession from the x32 bit iso and it still yielded the same result. i have also tried both versions 1.7 and 2.6, neither worked. i have seen other members have somewhat the same issue but stalling at 94%. that member supposedly reinstalled and it worked but that is not the case here. does someone have a solution to this? thanks in advance.
  3. I have read the thread on this issue being solved...HOWEVER, either i am missing something OR that process is not working for me. My question is does anyone have a STEP-BY-STEP procedure on how to slipstream/remove components using vlite for windows 7 msdn sp1? I have a great slipstreamed version using the original msdn windows 7 iso without the sp1 integrated but with the new msdn sp1 iso i can't get it to work. I have used 7customizer to slipstream updates into the iso and then used vlite to remove components. this left me with a great clean very minimal install but i can't get this to work with the new msdn sp1 iso. any help is appreciated, thanks.
  4. i have read the post about this issue being solved and tried everything in that post. however, nothing has worked for me. to start i have mounted the install.wim file using imagex with read/write permissions and made sure to mount image 4 (ultimate). once image was mounted i clicked commit and then unmounted the image. i run the completed image through vlite and everything goes smooth until the computer reboots and attempts to run windows for the first time. the issue is with oobe and three corrupted files. winlgdep.dll, wdsutil.dll and winsetup.dll. im assuming it has something to do with the timestamp on winsetup.dll being 11/20/2010 while the other is 7/13/2009. i have tried to mount the image and while install.wim was mounted attempt to change the time/date stamp using a program but access is denied. it will not permit me access to the files even though i have changed the attribute (supposedly) to remove the read only attribute. it seems this is the ONLY issue i am having with the install and everything else has went smooth. i have also tried the solution of mounting the image using capture and apply and went through that whole long process to no avail. that process actually went a lil more rough in the end and the install failed as well and had even more issues. does anyone have a solid step by step process of how to slipstream the msdn version of windows 7 using vlite with NO issues? to note i have done this in the past with the original windows 7 msdn no service pack so i know my vlite presets are fine. so it is definitely an issue with msdn sp1 and vlite not getting along. any assistance with this is much appreciated.
  5. not sure if you resolved this but im having the same issue. ihave done professional and ultimate with vlite both x32 and x64 versions and it worked fine. for some reason home premium just doenst work with vlite. ive run through it not taking anything out and yet it fails with the same error as you stated. i have used rt7lite and that worked BUT im not a fan. the install was kind of sht and it just wasnt as clean imo as my vlite installs.
  6. if you are tryin to integrate sp2 with vista usin vlite you will have isues. for some reason, im not sure, vlite has an issue with vista's sp2. you can try usin 7customizer to integrate updates/hotfixes/sp and then use vlite for component removal.

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