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  1. 1. Have IE6 SP1 as described above in the first message of this board. 2. Root certificates - have this one (from the instruction) http://download.windowsupdate.com/msdownload/update/v3-19990518/cabpool/rootsupd_a153023b66d29034420aa227ccc2164cff75229e.exe Don't know if any newer exist. 3. WUA Script - also from the first message: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/157027-windows-update-agent-which-version-do-you-have/page__view__findpost__p__1001720 (the one that has 257 downloads) 4. Windows Installer - have this one: WindowsInstaller-KB893803-v2-x86.exe Didn't touch anything, just followed u
  2. Is it possible to get it work nowadays? Tried this a year ago - everything worked OK. Now I'm doing clean installation using this instructions - nothing but the error 0x800B0109. What could be wrong? Is that cmd script which creates Windows Update Agent still correct? On my PC it creates working exe file only via second try (after the first try I receive an error like "non-valid Win32 application"). Or, maybe, there is another working Windows Update Agent exe file, which is ready to be installed and used?) P.S. Skipped step 5.2 (for what do I need WinZip?) and used WinRAR instead of 5.3 to u
  3. Hello everybody! Trying to install & configure fully updated Windows Me system. Does any cumulative pack exist that installs all Me updates by Microsoft, including, for example, DirectX 9.0c November 2006 and all hotfixes to it? I've included some screenshots of such sort of pack for the russian version of Windows Me, but I haven't found retail boxed russian version of the system, so I need the english one. Existing Unofficial SP for Me is buggy: for example, system information tool stops working after applying it (and includes only hotfixes without updating WMP, IE, etc). If such
  4. I've finally made it! Haven't seen Me so fast before (loads up faster than my monitor changes the resolution)!! Thank everyone for your help!!) The problem is in the incompatibility of the SATA HDD and the Windows Me in my PC configuration. As soon as I unplugged SATA devices, setup continued and finished with no problems. Right after the installation of the necessary motherboard drivers I've decided to connect them again: Millennium frozen in the windows mode, when found a new device and was trying to install "primary IDE controller". So, Jaclaz, your piece of advice was good, but didn't work
  5. Hmm, what if it's possible to use sata DVD-drive via SIL3512 PCI controller in Me? If I choose an option "1st IDE + SATA", which makes 2 x 320 GB IDE drives + 2 x 2 TB SATA visible (Me will use only a couple of 320s), is there any other way to add DVD to Millennium? If Me drivers for SIL3512 controller exist, it's probably the best solution (I already have this PCI controller).
  6. Rloew, it seems I've found something interesting! http://www.flaterco.com/kb/W98.html It seems to be the solution, but there is a problem. This is what I see in 775i65G's BIOS. Currently, I have 4 IDE devices (2 HDD - IDE1 and 2 DVD - IDE2) and 2 SATA devices (both of them are HDD). Does that mean that the only way for the system to see DVD drive is to choose SATA + Sec IDE, which makes 2 Tb SATA HDD not only visible, but the only drive to install Me to? Is it possible to do something else, not only changing BIOS settings every time I'm gonna load Windows Me? P.S. Haven't tested this optio
  7. The last lines before setup freezes and PC shuts down (3rd install configuration using 256 Mb of memory; 1st is 2 Gb of RAM, 2nd - 1 Gb of RAM).
  8. Yes, this is what I'm talking about. I insert WinMe floppy, setup starts, I choose components, language, then it copies some files, then reboots (1). Then it detects devices, then reboots for the second time. And after that - freezes. None of the patches are installed, I use fully original boxed version. Setup starts from floppy. Yes, everything was fine until second reboot stage during installation. Yes, original retail copy. Hmm, interesting. My current model is Plextor PX-850A PATA, and it's almost new. I will try to copy Me files to HDD, using installation from this source without any c
  9. Dear pro-users of 9x/Me! I need your help to install Windows Me. My motherboard AsRock 775i65G r3.0 officially supports Windows 98SE and Me; AGP 256 MB video by NVidia (6800GT) is also officially supported. Only IDE devices for Millennium are used (HDDs and CD/DVD-Drive). I've already tested Windows 2000 on this machine for a couple of months, and everything worked fine. Now I'm trying to install full retail version of Windows Me on ~25 GB primary partition in the beginning of my 320 GB HDD (other partitions except another following primary ~ 50 GB partition for programs are hidden), but
  10. Hello, guys! For a years I've been reading this forum, planning to make powerful PC, which normally runs Windows Me, 2000 and something modern (thank God, Windows 8 came out with the UI I really like , so it's gonna be Win 8.1). So... I've been buying parts of my future PC, part by part, but now I stuck into trouble. Is it possible to get AGP GeForce 7950GT 512 Mb run under Windows Me? Maybe with rloew's patch or somehow else. If yes, it'll be the best configuration: no problems with Win 2K + full support of 2560x1440 resolution for all 3 systems. Alternative configuration would be PCI GeForce
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