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Found 14 results

  1. Hello I have a Problem with the AeroGlass Program. I have install it and after a few secounds come these error. I have askt google but I can´t find anything about it. can anyone help me with my Problem ? System: Win10 1803 CPU: i5 6400 GPU: Nvidea GTX 1050Ti Ram: 8gb I hope someone can help me. Laufiii
  2. Hello everyone. Do you know something about the release of Aero Glass for an already almost old version of Windows 1903? 2 month left before announcing the next version of Windows, but we have no idea about the support of Windows 1903. Dear @bigmuscle - left any comments about the new version, please. After beta version of DWM [Experimental debug build] from 2019-04-27 went 3 months and @bigmuscledo not write any new information. We are waiting, let us know any useful information, please.
  3. Good day BigMuscle...Just saying thanks in advance for when the upcoming release finally arrives. All is good with the experimental version 1479 thus far. No crashes since the virtual render target fix.
  4. Hello I have a Problem with the AeroGlass Program. I have install it and after a few secounds come these error. I have askt google but I can´t find anything about it. can anyone help me with my Problem ? System: Win10 1803 CPU: i5 6400 GPU: Nvidea GTX 1050Ti Ram: 8gb I hope someone can help me. Laufiii
  5. Hi, how can I set aeroglass transparency to Firefox 61 with userChrome? I don't want all the browser transparent, but only the header (before URL bar). Thanks EDIT: WORKING SOLUTION!! The only working solution for me is @UCyborg one! You need to follow this: (open it in a new tab) And then compile the manifest file by pressing the play button in Resource Hacker and save the file. Last step: Download BulkFileChanger, extract it in a folder and then open it. Add firefox.exe file and press the clock icon. Edit creation date to the firefox_original.exe one (that file will be created in Firefox folder when you edit the manifest) and the modfication date to a greater one (example if firefox_original.exe date is 2018-05-24 and the firefox.exe date is 2018-08-12 you can leave it as it is). IMPORTANT NOTE: You need to do this everytime Firefox get updated as firefox_exe will be modified.
  6. How much would I need to donate to get AeroGlass?
  7. Hi, Does anybody know how to fix this small bugs and small errors affected by using AeroGlass v1.5.4 for Win 10 Creators Update? Like on Windows 10 apps which has big text on the title bar (upper left of app window) and the button (min, max, close) are pretty big. I attached the screenshot sample below of these errors and bugs. Please have a look. Let me know if you have any tips how to fix this like on normal apps. Thanks. Regards, Hack
  8. This seems like the most obvious place for this question since it is related to aeroglass/transparency..if not, please move to appropriate location. Does anyone know how to, or has ever, tweaked the transparency level (made lighter) of the default start menu for Win10? I've done the Start10 thing, which lets you adjust the level of transparency for the two other menu styles (ie, W7 and W8 versions) but I'd like to keep using the Windows 10 start menu, but make it lighter. I've done the registry tweaks to enable/disable blur, which helps a bit but I want to keep the blur as it matches well with the BM AeroGlass settings I have in place. I tried using Resource Hacker to identify which registry items are tied to the transparency slider in Start10 but I had no such luck. Thanks for any info or help an advance.
  9. Just curious, will AeroGlass ever be able to be implemented with Office 2016? Unless I am mistaken, it does not work with it... or at least not for me since build 10240. Any insight is appreciated. Thank you.
  10. Hello! About 2 years using BM AeroGlass on Windows 8, after on Windows 8.1 with license and donation without any problems. Two days ago i installed Stardock WindowFX 6.0 trial version. Works normal at 1st look. But periodically in moment when WindowFX must make some of his effects desktop image freezes for 1-2 second, after display blinks, aeroglass disappears and enables quickly. Looks like the dwm process restarts. No events created, no crashdumps in system folder. Only crashdump in AeroGlass folder appears every time. In debug.log nothing wrong with enabled logging all events in it. I use Windows 8.1 x64 Pro with MC, Russian, license. AMD FX-8320, Radeon R9 270X latest drivers. Soft: StartIsBack+, UxTheme Signature Bypassing dll by BM, OldNewExplorer. Please help me. P.S. Sorry for my english... Crashdump: http://1drv.ms/1Ogs7QT
  11. Hello. I would like to know how much money I would need to donate in order to get the donation key for AeroGlass. Should I leave the 5 euro? Are the 3 euro enough? Which is the minimum amount? I'm a university student in greece, and things are exceptionally bad here as far as economy is concerned...
  12. I was using AeroGlass for a long time on W8. After migrating (trough the store) to W81, AG no longer worked (specific message that I have forgotten). After reinstalling the 8.1 version of AG, it was apparently operating (glass border), but error windows indicating "This library can be injected into DWM process only" started to show up regularly. On the next shutdow, there was a system crash ; system reboot to W81 required to revert to a previous restauration point. After looking around, my problem was related to the fact that the old method (W8 one; through the "AppInit_DLLs" registry key) for registering AG was steel in place, conflicting with the W81 one (through task scheduling I suppose). Solution in my case was to remove "by hand" the DWMGlass.dll from the "AppInit_DLLs" entry (not removing the key, because there was other DLL registered). After reinstalling AG, all went fine. I performed a bit of tweaking with AeroGlassGUI, and retrieved my Glass look for a while. The appropriate solution to avoid this problem would probably be to deinstall AG under W8 before migrating, and installing it again after migration to W81 (W10). Hoping this post will help some guys in the same situation. I suppose the same problem may occurs when migrating from W8 to W10. Thanks again for BigMuscle for this great piece of code (not obvious job since it is windows system programming).
  13. Good people, please help. Happened at me such problem, so I decided to install Aero Glass , the installation was not successful and began to appear some errors relating to dwm and the image then disappeared, then appeared, in the end a black screen. After rebooting after about 10 seconds same thing. For those 10 seconds I managed to uninstall this program via msconfig and set the option to boot into safe mode. Now after this reboot began hell. After loading windows a black screen appears, after about 10 seconds the cursor appears and 4 labels on the sides of the Safe mode after a second it disappears and appears again after 2. Tell me what to do, and we already tired.
  14. Since I didn't see any else here, I'm going to upload the few I've made thus far. These all work best with AeroGlassGUI so you can tune how much you see the patterns. I have two other Reflection maps that don't seem to apply. I don't know what makes them unable to be applied. EDIT: The forum seems to resize the images upon upload, so there may be aliasing or other artifacting in these versions that my local copies do not have, so I've created a spot on my OneDrive where they can be downloaded from in native quality. http://1drv.ms/1xPAVGo

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