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  1. In the situation I'm in at the moment? Absolutely! You've no idea how shitty things are here the past years.. I can barely finish my master's degree - up until now I wasn't even sure If I could, because it costs a lot to live in another city and things are bloody terrible in greece. So, I'm afraid yes, mate - this is where I've ended up... this is what we've been reduced to... On the bright side, as soon as the degree is over, I'm getting the heck away from this bloody country Getting a steady job abroad with my qualifications, knowledge and age won't be hard.
  2. More keys? That's nice because I have a desktop and a laptop. Generally speaking, it is up to me, yes, but the minimum amount to qualify for a donation key, that's not really up to me - that's sth I have to ask in order to know for sure. Please don't take my next sentence the wrong way - I'm not trying to undermine your or anything, I just noticed that your title is "member" like me, so to be certain I'll ask you: Are you sure about what you told me on the previous post? Thanks a lot for your help m8
  3. Hello. I would like to know how much money I would need to donate in order to get the donation key for AeroGlass. Should I leave the 5 euro? Are the 3 euro enough? Which is the minimum amount? I'm a university student in greece, and things are exceptionally bad here as far as economy is concerned...
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