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  1. The code don'y work... This add the title bar that I don't want. I want only the menu bar and the tabs.
  2. Hi, how can I set aeroglass transparency to Firefox 61 with userChrome? I don't want all the browser transparent, but only the header (before URL bar). Thanks EDIT: WORKING SOLUTION!! The only working solution for me is @UCyborg one! You need to follow this: (open it in a new tab) And then compile the manifest file by pressing the play button in Resource Hacker and save the file. Last step: Download BulkFileChanger, extract it in a folder and then open it. Add firefox.exe file and press the clock icon. Edit creation date to the firefox_original.exe one (that file will be created in Firefox folder when you edit the manifest) and the modfication date to a greater one (example if firefox_original.exe date is 2018-05-24 and the firefox.exe date is 2018-08-12 you can leave it as it is). IMPORTANT NOTE: You need to do this everytime Firefox get updated as firefox_exe will be modified.

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