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  1. Did you install XPize 4.7 or xpize 5R6?
  2. You installed XPize 4.7 and set the system icon size to 128x128. That's your problem: only a handful of icons are available in that size and the rest will be upscaled. I take it you're running XP SP2. Why aren't you running SP3? That way you can install xpize 5.
  3. In Windows XP Service Pack 2 Microsoft added a "safe" way to give a system a static bootscreen: add the flags "/NOGUIBOOT" and "/BOOTLOGO" to your OS in C:\Boot.ini then place the bitmap you want to use in C:\Windows\Boot.bmp (note the bitmap must be 640x480 16-color). If you want to restore the old bootscreen, just remove those two flags from your Boot.ini file (you don't need to delete the Boot.bmp file though).
  4. W3bbo

    Theme Manager?

    This has always been the plan from the beginning (since I want to build my Anolis framework into something that can compete with Stardock's IconPackager) however from my PoV it's easier just to build a "fire and forget" system that patches the system and makes a single backup of system state. Building a GUI around a variation of it that would allow people to swap between different Anolis packages is possible, but a long-term task. Of course, I'll remind everyone that Anolis is GPL-licensed and they're free to submit patches or improvements to the codebase that would make this possible.
  5. The past 2 days have seen me get a lot of emails from the xpize website seeking support; I didn't think much of it: I just thought my users were getting stupider. But no... it turns out we've been featured on LifeHacker, and from there other sites have picked it up. It's worth pointing out that LifeHacker only published their story yesterday, but they got it from another (less popular) site who published it in July, who in turn got it from Long Zheng's istartedsomething, and Long only ran that story on xpize because he owed me a favour (that... and he's a personal friend of mine anyway). So ye
  6. Question #1: Why did you install XPize 4.7 when xpize 5 has been out several months now? Note that XPize 4.7 is not supported on Windows XP SP3, nor should anyone still be running SP2 either.
  7. Explorer should start after you close the run-once RTF document. See if the issue reproduces after restarting your computer.
  8. Can you elaborate on "missing the icon for Windows Media Player"? Are your icons for media files (MP3, WMA, MPEG, AVI, etc) incorrect or just showing the default unknown icon? Or do you mean the program icon for WMP is missing and is now showing the default unknown icon in its place?
  9. W3bbo

    Disk quota icons

    I'm afraid I can't use this. The AVI resource does actually animate: the RIFF document contains 4 frames, one for each state of the traffic-light icon. I'm surprised an icon resource works as a replacement, but your icon file contains only 1 sub-image and won't show the different states of the Quota process (Stopped, Scanning, OK).
  10. W3bbo

    xpize 5 Release 6

    The logoff confirmation window's icon appears fine on my computer. I suspect it only applies to your Windows' language edition.
  11. W3bbo

    Today's Outage

    Today, I thought I'd finally get round to upgrading the RAM in the server xpize is on. That resulted in about 30 minutes' downtime from 2000h until 2030h BST (UTC+1) and that procedure went off without a hitch and everything was back to normal after restarting. About an hour later, I remoted into the server to fix some longstanding configuration issues and do an initial reboot after clearing the server's logs (to check for any new problems). Again, this went off fine. Then just now I was trying to solve a problem with my hypervisor, so I disabled the firewall and... the connection died. Yes, d
  12. Hmm, then clearly my software isn't setting the extension's type reference to the newly created type. I'll fix this bug in the next release.
  13. File-type registrations are split into two types: the extension, and the associated type. There is a one-to-many relationship: one file type can have many file extensions. Note that a file extension can exist, but not be associated with any type. Windows's behaviour for handling these types of files is undefined. In this case, the ".bin" and ".mov" extensions are already defined in your registry hive, but don't refer to an existing file type definition. Anolis Installer will create that definition (and set the right icon) and should be configuring the extension to point to that type. You're se
  14. I've also compiled the "Why did you uninstall" messages. Surprisingly few people who uninstalled wrote anything down. Here's the feedback: Conflicts I had installed over the top of XPize 4.7 beta 2 ! IE7 greyed Back and Forward buttons are a bit too dark It was only test installation, to check features - now I need to install it on clean system :-) Ficou lento e só ví pequenas mudanças no visual. este programa es muy pesado y teniendo un pentium 3 se alenta mucho el pc Momentarily (so I thought) changed the xpize theme back to XP then couldn't figure how to get back to xpize. There is nothin
  15. There's been just under 8,000 installations of xpize 5R6 so far (that sent in installation feedback, there's probably a few thousand more that didn't, it wouldn't surprise me if I was over 10,000 by now). Note this isn't including xpize 5R3, 4, and 5 which have had at least 15,000 installs between them. Anyway, I've processed the feedback sent and made some ugly pie-charts in Excel 2003. Enjoy. Explanations: The first chart shows the "System language" of a user's system, which is the native language of their Windows installation. Unlike your regional settings, this cannot be changed without i
  16. Hi Hell Racer, (I'm online because I found a free wifi point, I won't be online fully until I return home next week). Whilst I appreciate the work you've put into your own release, I am concerned that it might easily be confused with an official release from me. Don't take this the wrong way, but I'd be happier if you could modify your installer and associated material (such as the readme file) to clearly mark it as an unofficial release by a third-party fan. I'd also like you to remove or update the <package /> element so the update, feedback, and website attribute URIs are changed so t
  17. You've chosen a large font size or DPI setting, which is pushing the green arrow off the side behind the blue to the right. Use a smaller font-size or lower DPI setting if you want it back.
  18. The OP is refering to the big (24x24) right-pointing arrow on the XP Start Menu that's gone missing, not the shortcut arrow for *.lnk files. We'll need a screenshot before we can do anything.
  19. Okay, clearly I didn't make the System one long enough. FYI, I disabled the Clock effect (unless you explicitly enable it in Advanced mode) because the AM/PM selector becomes inaccessible. It'll take me a while to fix if I ever do a Release 7. But it isn't like you use those two control panels every day now, is it?
  20. W3bbo

    xpize 5 Release 6

    If someone else wants to do it, they're welcome. Don't expect anything until Christmas.
  21. I can't fix this, it's because control panel icons aren't loaded like normal icons. To get a control panel icon Windows needs to load the control panel into memory and ask it what icon to use. The Automatic Updates and Bluetooth panels are only returning information for the 32x32 and 16x16 icons but not 48x48, despite all of the automatic updates files containing a 48x48 icon subimage. Technical details are available here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1299016...cons-windows-xp
  22. W3bbo

    Removing XPize 4.7

    The best solution is just to install 5R6 on top of your system and just forget about 4.7. Or format your system. XPize 4.x's uninstaller really isn't that well written. Personally I'd reformat. Or you could experiment if you take a Ghost snapshot of your drive and play around with different orders of uninstallation/installation.
  23. HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Deskto\Wallpaper
  24. W3bbo


    I didn't have the time to redevelop it, I didn't think it was worth it anyway, since Windows Update doesn't replace GUI-critical files that often. If something's missing just re-run setup again.
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